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  1. Would love to see more graduates or current residency/fellowship students vouching for their programs. By this time next year I will be applying!
  2. I understand the urgency of wanting to get in right away but the field is competitive and if you're going to do this, then do it right. I agree with the above posters and would also consider focusing on: 1) Retaking courses and increasing your overall and science GPA. I recommend taking multiple science courses at a time to show any admissions committee you're capable of the work load. Be sure to try and speak with the professors of the classes for possible LORs (crush their class). 2) Obtain EMT/CNA/MA/RT certification and start racking up your hands-on clinical experience hours. Ha
  3. Don't mean to derail your thread but, anyone able to give their opinion on Rosh vs. UWorld? I am nearing the end of didactics and am considering which one to invest in.
  4. This. This right here. I know this feeling all too well. OP, I recommend a graduate program that gears you for professional school. I did a 9 month post-bacc Masters degree that prepares students for the rigors of dental/medical/PA/anything school. In the beginning I thought I was wasting my time and money. Now, while I am surviving PA school...it is the best money I've ever spent. You learn how to study, how to take examinations (we took 56 exams in 9 months), and how to manage your time. During the program we went into details for pharmacology, immunology, anatomy etc. and this is great
  5. August can't come soon enough. Can not wait to embark on an amazing adventure with you guys. LET'S GO EMORY!!!
  6. First off, thank you everyone! thank you moleashish and Ollivander! I sincerely appreciate it. Ollivander, I applied to 25 PA programs this cycle. I obtained 4 more interviews after the initial post of this thread. Got the call this morning and have cancelled everywhere else because of how wonderful the interview experience was. So I am getting a few private messages in regard to what I changed up for the interview...here is my best advice and mindset in terms of my successful interview (if you're interviewing then be sure to look above and see my initial notes as well): -Maintain
  7. All is right in this world. Accepted into Emory University. I am done with this forum for now...everyone aspiring to get into PA school it took me four cycles. LETS GO.
  8. Yeah, I am supposed to be there on Friday as well. We have two days to see how the hurricane will be tracking. It event states in the email "This should not impact our consideration of you for our Class of 2021". Safety is key here. Going to decide tomorrow if I want to change it or not. RAS are you driving on north from the Carolinas? I am trying to drive in from Northern Virginia. Not sure how I feel about the possibility of the floodings.
  9. Hey I sincerely appreciate the support and all of your guys' advice. I just need to step back, maintain positivity and try and be humble about this entire process again. I do feel a sense of pride even being invited for the interview. I've essentially fallen in love with every town I have had the opportunity to interview at so it kind of disappoints me when I see things don't pan out my way. I used to send thank you cards but I recently stopped doing that, they don't seem like they care...further, the admissions committees usually make a decision right before the cards reach them. I
  10. I understand and get what you're saying. I assure you I have been improving my stats each year. At least I am not being rejected? I don't know. You're also correct that there is no guarantee that any of this time, commitment, or resources spent pursuing this career path will even pay off. I totally understand that aspect. No, this isn't an ego boost. This is a hey-im-frustrated-as-all-heck in the pursuit of this career path. Going to go grab a brewski.
  11. Hey, I'm not a big fan of posting statistics, first off they can all be false and I could just be saying anything to make myself feel better on the internet. Point is: I am getting interview invites and have spent YEARS and a copious amount of resources working on increasing my application to become competitive. The hard part or issue that is grinding my gears is the interview processes that PA programs use. Further, their arbitrary assignment of who gets to be accepted and who gets to be waitlisted. I will post my statistics only if you believe it has something to do with the accep
  12. I hope I do not come across as being rude. You guys are all so amazing and I am just frustrated and have no one to turn to and vent without being patronized. I am so tired of the waitlist. This is my fourth attempt at applying to schools. Collectively this is my seventh-eighth(?) year post-bachelors degree attempting to increase my competitiveness for the PA profession. I went back to school twice now and obtained a second bachelors and a second masters degree (quit my EMT gig for the second masters in Biomedical Sciences). Obtained a committee letter, increased my shadowing and volunteer
  13. I would at least get a start on NAU's supplemental so that by the time you're all verified with CASPA, you can submit immediately.
  14. Obtained an application acknowledgement email today. Good luck everyone. Happy 4th and stay positive!
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