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  1. August can't come soon enough. Can not wait to embark on an amazing adventure with you guys. LET'S GO EMORY!!!
  2. First off, thank you everyone! thank you moleashish and Ollivander! I sincerely appreciate it. Ollivander, I applied to 25 PA programs this cycle. I obtained 4 more interviews after the initial post of this thread. Got the call this morning and have cancelled everywhere else because of how wonderful the interview experience was. So I am getting a few private messages in regard to what I changed up for the interview...here is my best advice and mindset in terms of my successful interview (if you're interviewing then be sure to look above and see my initial notes as well): -Maintain positivity. Smile. However, do not smile unnecessarily when the admissions committee is talking to you about a serious topic such as cancer/death. -Lets say that during the interview an admissions committee member becomes combative or tries to debate you on some ethical question...then be sure to acknowledge that he/she is correct and that this is the reason it is an ethical and controversial situation. Tell them you're willing to learn more about the situation. Therefore they can't argue or debate you if you're telling them they're right. -Do not compare yourself with your colleagues. Instead seek to be cooperative. DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF. I can't stress it enough...DO NOT engage in trying to outcompete your colleagues. You can be on their team and support them. If they shoot themselves in the foot during the interview then that is THEIR problem. At the end of the day your colleagues will not decide if you get into the program. -Go out of your way to know a few people within the interview group. You do not have to know everyones name. However, be humble and show that you are a team player and that you are wanting to know more about your colleagues. It is interesting seeing everyone else's background. Remember that you may end up working with some of them. -Show interest in the program. DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT STUFF YOU CAN RESEARCH ON THE UNIVERSITY/COLLEGE WEBSITE. Instead, ask questions that cater specifically to the program. DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS THAT PUT THE ADMISSIONS COMMITTEE ON THE DEFENSE like "well, in 2011 your PANCE scores went down...why is that? blah blah". Instead I asked questions like "you've seen many students complete this program, what would you say are characteristics my colleagues and I need in order to be successful?" Notice that you're including your colleagues. -During group interviews...MATCH THE FORMALITY OF THE ROOM. If the answers that your colleagues give are casual, then go with a casual answer. The thing is, the admissions committee ALREADY knows you're competent. You're obviously at the interview....therefore YOU DO NOT HAVE TO OUTCOMPETE your colleagues. -Give succinct answers that are brief and to the point. Try to have personal examples that cater to the question being asked. Try to limit yourself in going ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON about your success and how you're gods gift to humanity. If someone does that, then everyone in the group setting feels like they need to try and outcompete everyone too which leads to being more nervous and turns the environment into a competitive one. The admissions committee is paying attention to this. -Remember that EVERYONE IS WATCHING...the janitors...the secretaries...THEY ARE ALL WATCHING. They ARE ALL LISTENING. Maintain professionalism! Do not say anything negative. Do not talk about how some other program is your #1 or whatever. The moment you LEAVE the campus and get back onto your flight back home then say whatever you want lol. -MANY students will tell you to "BE YOURSELF". That advice is TRASH. If you were yourself then you would already be in by now. Unfortunately you're going to have to play the game. The game is to be cooperative, show interest, smile when appropriate, make eye contact, maintain positivity, be concise and brief with your answers, and do not try to outcompete your colleagues. If you have trouble remembering this use the mnemonic: HAK - humble, approachable, knowledgeable. -I suggest preparing for the interview all the way up until a day or so prior to the interview. Just relax the night before. Morning of wake up 30-40 minutes earlier than you normally would and run through a few warm-up questions. Go in and BE POSITIVE. OWN IT. -PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT CODE OF ETHICS. READ IT. -I personally avoided coffee/food until my interview was done. This is a personal decision. I also brought my own water bottle. Most of all guys, do not give up. Even in the face of armageddon...DO NOT GIVE UP.
  3. All is right in this world. Accepted into Emory University. I am done with this forum for now...everyone aspiring to get into PA school it took me four cycles. LETS GO.
  4. Yeah, I am supposed to be there on Friday as well. We have two days to see how the hurricane will be tracking. It event states in the email "This should not impact our consideration of you for our Class of 2021". Safety is key here. Going to decide tomorrow if I want to change it or not. RAS are you driving on north from the Carolinas? I am trying to drive in from Northern Virginia. Not sure how I feel about the possibility of the floodings.
  5. Hey I sincerely appreciate the support and all of your guys' advice. I just need to step back, maintain positivity and try and be humble about this entire process again. I do feel a sense of pride even being invited for the interview. I've essentially fallen in love with every town I have had the opportunity to interview at so it kind of disappoints me when I see things don't pan out my way. I used to send thank you cards but I recently stopped doing that, they don't seem like they care...further, the admissions committees usually make a decision right before the cards reach them. I understand its a professional courtesy but I know people are making it in without the cards and LOI's. In a few months I will consider sending a LOI to a few waitlisted programs or at least update them with what I am doing. It's still July and there are plenty of programs to hear back from... Oh yeah, I do not memorize but I am familiar with them. I try and cater my application toward the programs such that I would be able to accomplish their mission, vision, and goals. Again...most of the PA schools I am applying to gear towards primary care and underserved communities which is exactly what my resume and experiences entail. I'll definitely keep you guys posted. One day we're all going to look back at these posts and laugh! I do have one question though, does anyone know what they look at when they decide to examine the waitlist and start calling? Is it better to get on the list early than later? Are they aware of the timings when students interviewed and were initially put on the list? Or is it just one gigantic lottery pick?
  6. I understand and get what you're saying. I assure you I have been improving my stats each year. At least I am not being rejected? I don't know. You're also correct that there is no guarantee that any of this time, commitment, or resources spent pursuing this career path will even pay off. I totally understand that aspect. No, this isn't an ego boost. This is a hey-im-frustrated-as-all-heck in the pursuit of this career path. Going to go grab a brewski.
  7. Hey, I'm not a big fan of posting statistics, first off they can all be false and I could just be saying anything to make myself feel better on the internet. Point is: I am getting interview invites and have spent YEARS and a copious amount of resources working on increasing my application to become competitive. The hard part or issue that is grinding my gears is the interview processes that PA programs use. Further, their arbitrary assignment of who gets to be accepted and who gets to be waitlisted. I will post my statistics only if you believe it has something to do with the acceptance vs. waitlist factor. Otherwise, my statistics are good enough to get me interviews. Further, I've been told that you don't have to worry so much about stats once you receive interviews...at that point they know you're already competent/qualified to be able to handle the rigors of the program. For example, during my most recent interview NONE of my transcripts or grades were brought up. They were mostly situational-behavioral-general questions. I believe I answered them thoroughly and provided succinct and rational explanations for whatever question was given by providing my experiences working as an EMT, and my time volunteering in underserved community clinics.
  8. I hope I do not come across as being rude. You guys are all so amazing and I am just frustrated and have no one to turn to and vent without being patronized. I am so tired of the waitlist. This is my fourth attempt at applying to schools. Collectively this is my seventh-eighth(?) year post-bachelors degree attempting to increase my competitiveness for the PA profession. I went back to school twice now and obtained a second bachelors and a second masters degree (quit my EMT gig for the second masters in Biomedical Sciences). Obtained a committee letter, increased my shadowing and volunteer hours. Went and sat with career services and had mock interviews. Had a buddy of mine (has his PhD/MBA) sit down with me every weekend for two months to perform mock interviews. Spent $200 to sit down and go through interview techniques with Mr. Rodican. Have been spending a hour each night for weeks on end with my fiancé mock interviewing only to go to these interviews and get told I am waitlisted. During the interview process I speak with as many candidates as I can, I maintain positivity, I try and form bonds with the admissions committee members. I maintain professionalism, show up on time, and ask questions which are relevant for the program and do not cause the admissions committee to have to defend themselves. Of course I am initially nervous like everyone else but then I maintain composure and reply to the interview questions as humbly and professionally as I can using my 31 years of experience and experiences working inside of ED's and volunteering in underserved community clinics. I have no problem with ethics essays or prompts because I recently took a medical ethics course and continuously review my notes. Further, I re-read the PA code of ethics prior to going into interviews. During group interviews I try and feel the vibe of the room before attempting to answer the questions. I attempt to be personable and do not brag about my credentials yet I do not sit there like a lamp and say nothing. Which brings me to the question again: What is it? What am I not seeing or doing correctly for these interviews? This is genuinely frustrating that we're told to pursue upper division science courses and then out of nowhere the final admissions test is some 1:1 interview or group interviews that collectively last for 35-40 minutes which dictates our entire career pursuits. I have only had 1 interview this cycle so far, and have been placed on the waitlist...however thoughts of the previous cycles interviews and being placed on the waitlists are absolutely destroying my confidence, creativity, and positivity. I am trying to stay humble and positive applying to PA programs. I understand that the competition is fierce and that some of you are genuinely gods gift to humanity. However, I feel like I am jumping through more and more hoops just to be waitlisted and then have to pay even more money just to jump through more hoops. What ends up happening is people that are placed on the waitlist after me are the ones who are always called upon to take up a spot. I am going through the forums and even looking at previous posts about the waitlists or just interview techniques in general and all I see are comments about "being yourself". Every time I am "being myself" I get waitlisted. Clearly it is not enough to be yourself. To those that work in admissions or are part of committees or are now in PA schools and are speaking with the faculty of any program...what is it that separates one from being accepted and one that is waitlisted? Thanks for hearing me out guys. I know in the grand scheme of things everything will be okay. But come on man! Throw me a bone here!
  9. I would at least get a start on NAU's supplemental so that by the time you're all verified with CASPA, you can submit immediately.
  10. Obtained an application acknowledgement email today. Good luck everyone. Happy 4th and stay positive!
  11. Please correct me if I am wrong but I believe the supplemental are the questions on the CASPA application. There is that fee you have to pay.
  12. Does anyone know how many seats are remaining? Seems like many of you are already in. I know there are 36 spots available.
  13. Looks like they will start inviting candidates for interviews in late September/October. Stay positive everyone!
  14. Got my tickets through eventbrite to the PA program supplemental application fee! Can't wait to see you all there! Hehe, good luck everyone. Let's get this thread started.
  15. Unfortunately, I believe they re-evaluate each applicant when a seat opens. I also interviewed 11/02 and was 'accepted-pending open seat'. Haven't heard anything since but apparently people interviewing later are getting in. Just hang in there and give it time. I'm already strengthening my application for next year.
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