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  1. For those that have had interviews can you share your thoughts on the school, facility, faculty, etc. I just received an invite to an interview but I have a conflict with another and I am weighing my options and trying to make the best decision.
  2. I received an acceptance call yesterday! I had my interview on July 22nd. Undergrad: biology major, chemistry minor Undergrad GPA: 3.36 GRE: 309 Hours: ~2,300 Good luck to those still waiting to hear!
  3. I did not see a thread for this school, so I thought I would start one.
  4. I applied in Augist as well and my application was verified soon after. Fingers crossed!!
  5. I know they some were accepted last week from the 1/14 interview date.
  6. I would think they do or those of us who haven't been invited to an interview would have gotten a denial notification...or atleast I feel like that would be the case.
  7. I interviewed on 1/14 as well and have not heard anything. I do know that some have heard back as of last week.
  8. ^^^I to received that email. I haven't heard anything else though.
  9. Has anyone heard anything recently from Methodist?
  10. Is there anyone on here who is still waiting to hear back from ECU? To those accepted, would anyone mind sharing their GPA/GRE/HCE
  11. Is there anyone else who has yet to hear anything back? Have they sent out any denials? I am from right outside Winston and am keeping my fingers crossed! Congratulations to those of you who have been accepted!
  12. I submitted my CASPA application on July 24th, received a confirmation that my supplemental application had been received on November 9th, and received an interview offer on November 25th. My interview is scheduled for January 14th. Any idea how many spots are still remaining? Congratulations to those who have been accepted and best of luck to those still waiting to hear!
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