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  1. I had that happen a few times in a specialty but not many. My ortho patients really liked me and it made the surgeon mad because they would often ask if they could have their next appt with me instead of him. Oops. Guess I have a personality and actually explain things clearly. It did not make our relationship any less awkward than it already was. The office staff is very clear about who the appointment is with. I had one guy throw a fit when he found out I was "only" a PA. I told him he could reschedule with the surgeon and the next available appt was 3 months out for a new patient -
  2. Some employers have not updated their forms since the 1960s. Not kidding. I just did a DOD physical on a retired Vietnam Vet to go to Japan for "security" training. This guy just oozed Blackwater black ops vibes - very weird. The DOD forms were unbelievably bad - the bottom right corner of the form showed "Rev date 6/1969" - I am not kidding. The form had STD questions and vague references to mental stability and psychosis. Completely inappropriate and out of date but all I had to work with. A lot of employers have no idea what they are doing or what is legal, ethical etc. Some
  3. You polluted at least 10 threads with the same questions. Really?….. Stay on point - that is annoying.
  4. It is also very common in Eastern Indian Medicine to have a healer - usually an elderly female - present at birth and she adjusts the baby's chakras by holding it upside down and kind of flipping it like an omelet. My weird patient manipulated each of his 6 unvaccinated children DAILY from birth. One has severe Aspergers and the others just aren't quite right. They also home school, don't vaccinate and believe that daily manipulations are needed to keep the body centered. Kind of curious how much traction he put on the kids' spinal columns and brainstems during those crucial developmental
  5. I have never worked "with" a chiropractor because we simply do not speak the language or seem to understand the human body in the same way. Chiropractors have never communicated with any of the PAs or MDs or DOs I have worked with in either Texas or Washington - nothing collegial. I too am appalled by adjustments forever and ever, amen and the ever present leg length discrepancy and abnormal spinal curvature and those pesky ribs that keep coming out...... One of my weirdest families was led by a DC dad with 6 unvaccinated kids whom he adjusted DAILY since birth but all his kids were on Sta
  6. I really like the phenergan DM and use it when sparingly. Tessalon works for a lot of people - not the ones who tell that "nothing else works but hydrocodone". One even told me Roxicet - seriously - the ONLY patients I have ever had on Roxicet were on hospice…. I talk about atelectasis and suppressing central breathing effort and won't give any narcs to my severe COPD patients - waking up dead not an option…. My favorite at home lung exercise - have them buy a pack of party balloons at the drugstore when they pick up their Rx - not water balloons - the bigger ones. They have to blow u
  7. The ortho offer sounds awful and very gruntworkish, if that is a word. I wouldn't commit to every Saturday, ever - unless some magnificent ER position came about that offered multiple days off in a row. Anyway, the ortho offer doesn't sound healthy. Be careful with the transplant and night shifts - they can make you batty and aren't real conducive to spouses and children who live during daylight hours. I have never been paid overtime - always an exempt full time professional employee. Take care of yourself and hope it works out well.
  8. Epic has a version called ASAP that is supposed to work in UC/ER settings. My now previous corporate employer uses that for UC/ER and the clinic system for all other entities/clinics. The UC staff is Meh about it so far. They make it work for 12 hour shifts with 3 providers seeing 140+ per shift at UC. The corporate behemoth has gaggles of geeks who come "train at the elbow" for go live or new training. The corp suits haven't let any MD/PA train as super users and I doubt they pay ANY of the staff from Epic. Do not see corp suits allowing that. You get the "prestige" of having a superus
  9. My take is a tad different: I cannot remember who introduced this idea to me but it has stuck with me all these years. I understand the basic pathophys of disease processes. I am not a research scientist nor an epidemiologist - the PA strongpoint is helping the PATIENT understand their condition in terms that they understand and makes sense to them. My patients could care less about Krebs Cycle or nephrons for the most part but want to know why their kidneys don't work right. They don't get endotoxins and gram negative - they understand sick and feel like crap. If I can explain it to
  10. It is not logical nor sound medicine to see anywhere near 60 patients in an 8 or even 10 hour day. That sounds like the Russian assembly line cataract surgeons who might not even wash their hands between patients. I would not want to be a patient of that kind of practice either. My thought would be to consider the integrity of being associated with a practice that pushes that kind of agenda.
  11. We still aren't addressing quality versus quantity. No program should graduate 300 PAs at a time - just ridiculous. No new programs should be accredited without an overall look at the number of schools, number of students, percentage of PAs who might be retiring and the market. Flooding the market with newbie grads is not good for our profession or for those of us who are still in the workforce and need to be here for another 20 years or so. So, I still do not endorse online education of our profession but I am more worried about overwhelming the market with tons of grads who come out in m
  12. I just found this thread and started at the beginning. I have to say I am AGAINST anyone becoming a PA by online training. The camaraderie with your peers speaks volumes about your clinical abilities and since our profession is dedicated to patient care which involves one on one interaction - I firmly believe the interaction should start on day one. To be quite frank - some folks in my class 25 years ago were complete flakes and it showed in the classroom and in doing physical exams on each other with a proctor and in their ability to group-solve and interact with the general publi
  13. My husband makes more as an electrician WITH benefits. Ouch! That is a painful offer. I haven't seen UC less than $65 per hour and even up to $80. I have never had to carry my own insurance….. What a world, what a world…...
  14. I have a connection between written notes and my brain. I can tell you what color I wrote in and what part of the page it is on. If I write it - it has a permanent place in my brain. 25 yrs in, I came from the days of xrays on actual film and paper charts the size of phone books and written notes or a transcriptionist. I still firmly believe in pen and paper......complete w doodles, to-do lists and the occasional coca cola stain.....
  15. I always tell people I am not a possession - then I have to explain that an apostrophe makes a word possessive - deep sigh - basic grammar….. Anyway - I agree that someone who has researched the profession would and should know. Unfortunately, I still to this day see business cards with the 's and I see corporate medicine announcements with the 's and I cringe. Evidently, editing, copywriting and general proofreading is a thing of the past. If spell check doesn't catch it - it can't be that bad. Then, you add iPhone autocorrect and we have a whole new era of painful and unfortu
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