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  1. Good for you! The school is basically in your backyard lol
  2. I don't think so. Don't lose hope yet. I think they are swamp with applications and our turn hasn't come yet. Are you from the area?
  3. I submitted at the end of June and still nothing. I talked to Ms Jennifer Christie a few days ago, she said they are continuing to review and interview people. That's all :(
  4. I will also be interviewing the same day, so excited! Paigeielati, it's about 20 minutes away. You can also get an uber but make sure you have plenty of time due to traffic. I'll be arriving the night before and staying at a hotel nearby.
  5. I haven't received anything about the interview yet either. I assume it will be after the pre-entrance exam. I am coming from NC. So, we basically have to review the whole anatomy book?
  6. Thank you for responding. I interviewed at the end of Sep but haven't heard anything. I'm also from the area.
  7. Congrats to both! When did you guys interview? Do you know if the class is already full?
  8. bmm5536,Yes I am. You can pm me if you want to meet up the evening before. I will try to get there around 7 pm or so. Is it really supposed to snow on Sunday? lol
  9. Great! I'll be driving from NC. Where are you coming from?
  10. I received the same email but I can't even log in to my fiu. I am not a current FIU student and don't have a panther ID yet.
  11. Norhing yet but praying! It's almost October :(
  12. Under important dates on their website, it says that Oct 16 is when they will notify us of the pre-entrance exam so I guess more waiting...
  13. I believe so too. Can't wait to hear back from Ms. Irving, she's a sweetheart!
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