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  1. Not my first cycle but first time applying to this program. Anyone know when they start interviews? Good luck everyone
  2. Congrats to those who already got interview invite. Second year applying here so hopefully this is the year lol. Good luck everyone
  3. Hey all, first time applying to this program I applied a few other places last year. I have roughly 13k hours with a master's in sports medicine so hopefully this is the year!
  4. I submitted a few weeks ago, applying again hoping for better luck this year. Good luck everyone. I interviewed last year so if anyone has any questions let me know.
  5. I received it Thursday but haven't been on the site since. Been working like crazy
  6. After many anxious weeks I received an invitation for an interview on 9/23! When I read the email it took a few seconds to register it's what I had been waiting for. Anyone else interviewing on that day yet?
  7. Did they call to offer interview? I have 10k+ hours as licensed sports medicine profession, 3.2 overall, 3.7 science GPA, 3.6 master's degree GPA and was verified 5/21......getting discouraged.
  8. Carrie helped establish the Bryant University PA program. I have good friend in his second year and is part of the first class of the program. He had nothing but awesome things to say about her and that the Bryant community definitely misses her. I was fortunate to meet her in person and she is a very nice down-to-earth individual.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I took a few more prerequisite classes for other programs and raised my GPA by a little so hopefully I get an interview. I will hopefully be able to use the tips you guys gave me, thanks again
  10. Figured I would start a post for this years CASPA cycle. Did anyone get interview last year if so any suggestions? I received my masters in athletic training a few years ago and have over 10k HCE. 3.6 science GPA with overall a little lower than that. Didn't get an interview last year but hopefully will this year.
  11. Figured I'd start a post for this years CASPA cycle. Has anyone applied to the program previously and if so any suggestions?
  12. I have not. If we haven't heard anything by now I'm assuming we aren't in first round of interviews, but I believe they invite based on when they received and verified the applications. I'm trying to not look too much into it (despite thinking this I'm constantly opening my email every few minutes lol). Good luck
  13. I was verified July 17th, waiting anxiously at my inbox lol. Good luck all
  14. Does anyone know what the next step is after email confirmation that they received email?
  15. Hey everyone, good luck with the application process moving forward. Was wondering how strong of an applicant am I with the following: Received my Master's of Science in Athletic Training (3.54 GPA in grad school) Overall GPA: 3.2 (first two years of undergrad were rough due to home life but transcript shows drastic increase each semester thereafter) Overall Science GPA: 3.67 (Had to recently take chem I, chem II, bio, microbiology and will be taking organic chem in the fall, so far 3.9 GPA with those) Patient care hours: some as PT aide, hours in clinical rotations in grad school but most hours practicing as athletic trainer at a high school ~ 9,000 HCE
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