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  1. Hey I was just wondering if anyone has experience with EM in Philly and know some figures of what to expect. I am interviewing and just wanted an idea of where I should be. The AAPA salary report breaks down into states, but cost of living in philly is much higher than most areas of PA, though Philly is also supersaturated with medical providers--unsure of where this would land prospective salaries.
  2. @Seawolfand whoever else may be prowling this site. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share this information as well. Let me know! I know a new grad that got about 102K starting with a rotation of shifts, otherwise I am not sure of what is to be expected.
  3. Hey I am an experienced PA in ED and my girlfriend is possibly looking to match at VCU, I was just trying to get a feel for what hospital systems would be good to look at. Let me know!
  4. Almost finishing my 2nd year of EM practice, first contract and looking to ask for a raise despite an awful quarter due to COVID. Was thinking of making a document/bifold and requesting a meeting with my administrator. These are the topics I was considering covering: - AAPA salary report (my current contract has be about as low as the 5th percentile nationally, 10th percentile state in base hourly compared to those in my specialty with same experience) - Press Ganey (I have been 75th percentile or better since I started) - Staff/Patient feedback (formal positive comments that I ha
  5. I work entirely night shift in EM (7P-7A), my network has this shift arrangement throughout and the differential for all of the APC's is supposedly 15% though that is for the hourly. We do not see any rate differential in our bonus--which was not given due to COVID. Working an entire night schedule though you essentially have three weekend days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) so it is an adjustment for most families/friends.
  6. Well I'm glad it's not a crazy dream--you guys seem like awesome PA's and advocates for the profession from reading some comments and such. I had such a crappy view of our profession in a City based setting as Temple was very very light on APC's who were almost entirely outpatient, on wards, fast track, or second assist. I felt like they were utilized even less than students, far less than residents. My community hospital certainly rehabbed that image as it seems like docs and PA's are almost on equal footing--they are not only easily reached resources for us, but they seek advice from us as w
  7. Though if that was occurring I fear that the administrator who allowed this/implemented this situation may not understand how horrid that situation could get.
  8. There are several articles on NCBI, Cleveland Clinic utilizing Zyprexa, Haldol for chronic pain, neuropathic pain. I have used it at least weekly for pain management of acute pain syndromes with large success---not zonking people out if appropriately dosed. It does require an EKG to r/o long QT, but I've found it to be more effective than narcotics even with patients who are not exhibiting DSB, high tolerance, chronic opioid users. Examples of such I can recall are with a cervicogenic migraine failing outpatient muscle relaxants and migraine cocktail (Toradol, Bendaryl, Reglan), Kidney stone f
  9. Hey all, I am currently 1.5 years into my career as an EM physician assistant working in the main part of the ED. I previously did my clinicals in Philadelphia at Temple University Hospital and will probably be headed back to the city in another 1.5 years as my girlfriend will be a headed to a residency in a city most likely. The biggest dilemma I foresee is finding a job comparable or better than my current job. For the most part I have free range in my ED, mostly seeing ESI 2's and 3's though (very infrequently) running codes, intubating, chest tubes, fem lines. My objective/sight for m
  10. Anyone else have a lot of success with Zyprexa for pain?
  11. A lot of what's being mentioned above I could see triage nurses not being well versed in significant mechanisms, why pain out of proportion to exam isn't always anxiety, and the importance of vitals/intuition. The education of a nurse and a clinician is different and triaging is not an easy job--many nurses have to manage the flow of the department with limited beds and many acute patients in the waiting room. Instead of complaining to an administrator, I'd attempt to educate why a patient needs to be brought back sooner/brought in the main ED. Assessing of what a "bad miss" is more prac
  12. Congratulations all, also first year at Temple here, don't hesitate to shoot me a message for any advice, trying to work with the administration to develop a good briefing packet of where to live, what to see/do before PA school, etc. -Adam
  13. Same here, waitlisted as well. I will be attending Temple, but good luck to those waiting or in the program!
  14. I emailed one of the students who is part of admissions in some facet and she said they are trying to finalize sometime in April as everyone else is saying.
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