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  1. The anticipation from the incompleteness of this sentence is killing me buddy
  2. Also in loan re-payment hell and pursuing PSLF. My thoughts are to consolidate under Fedloan, as they are the ones who verify your payments for the forgiveness. Might as well not mess with an outside loan service and all that (i.e great lakes or navient). If the PSLF does screw us after 10 years, there is always the 20 or 25 year IBR forgiveness (not excited about that). IBR is at 10% of discretionary income, so it's not an incredibly high monthly payment on a PA salary ($560 or so every month). Additionally, you can deduct interest paid on loans, so during those 10 years there is at least that. I am applying for loans to buy a home in a couple of weeks; I'll update you on how it goes if you remind me via message.
  3. I really liked my endocrinology rotation. Lots of diabetes, osteoporosis/zoledronic acid infusions and thyroid disorders including nodule workups/FNA's, RAI's. Commonly saw prolactinomas, PCOS, calcium disorders, occasionally non-congenital adrenal hyperplasias, and sometimes incidentaloma workups. If you work in a hospital clinic, there is a lot of consults for insulin management of inpatients while they are taking steroids, or for the psych inpatients. It's a very functional science, and it the management of diabetes beyond lab numbers is a lot more complicated than people think if you keep up with the research.
  4. d-wade

    Not an actual doctor

    Kind of illustrates the necessity of a name change, once again.
  5. It should be noted that these were case studies on 3 boys, not necessarily established science, and things that need to be studied further to establish conclusions.
  6. Scribing is great experience; you're with the doc 24/7 and you're present during critical interventions recording measures. You'd be surprised at how much experienced scribes infer from their own experience rather than dictation from the doctor. If the doc knows you, there is a lot more trust involved, and a good scribe will make suggestions if the doc missed something (with a lot of tact). Plus they check your note anyway. I worked in a mid-sized E.R and the doc's trained us really well, and provided a lot of invaluable education. By the end of one year, I felt I could perform emergency medicine from an algorithmic standpoint. I felt much more confident the PA and NP students rotating at the emergency room at least. When I went to PA school everything clicked, and my emergency medicine rotation felt very easy.
  7. The NYT is liberal leaning, not far left; Huff Post, Vox, Salon etc would be a better example of a far left publication. Fox on the other hand is most definitely far right programming, especially these days as commentary makes up the bulk of their programming ala Sean Hannity, Jeanine Pirro, etc. Some of Fox's daytime programming i'd put on par with CNN/MSNBC, though it's taken a backseat to 'commentary'. Ironically, I'd consider Ben Shapiro more moderate on the conservative side of things despite his former Breitbart affiliation.
  8. We're not against breastfeeding, but certainly against anything that affects business no matter what the cost.... read: global warming.
  9. I was considering doing the NHSC loan repayment program in Hawaii when I graduate - there are actually quite a few physician shortage areas.
  10. d-wade

    What would you do in my situation? PSLF?

    Sorry to resurrect a dead thread, but you could reasonably save up money for a down payment on a home while doing the PSLF and paying the minimum payment (i.e REPAYE) on the loans. The only issue you'd run into is that your debt to income ratio would be affected, which may cap you at the amount you could spend on a home, though you could reasonably save up for a very large down payment that may bridge this gap.
  11. d-wade

    End of Rotation Exam

    New dad here with a 2 month old during my EM rotation. I did a lot of Rosh Review, and listened to the Rosh Cast EM podcasts which had tons of high yield questions. When you're answering questions probe for potential weak areas and work on them. The blueprints are ok, but sometimes are a bit too vague, really try to think of what's high yield - this will get easier as you take more exams
  12. Men are less likely to report abuse though as well. I'd be scared of any policies that start discriminating based on findings related to broad things like gender, sexual orientation, race, religion etc. What if we were to find out tomorrow that [insert race, sexual orientation, religion here] are more likely to commit sexual assault? Do we not allow them to see certain patients based on that?
  13. d-wade

    Student loan debt

    Burned it right down to the ground
  14. According to the salary report it's on the higher end, no?

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