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  1. Personally, I think this is Calvin Coolidge's fault. Why is nobody bringing this up?
  2. Minor emergencies, and fracture management for primary care for reference. Subscription to urgent care rap to get your mind in the right area. Then just review a lot of general complaints. SOB, joint pain, ENT, dermatology, wound care, headache management, and learn red flag symptoms of common complaints.
  3. Well, if he didn't have AML he does now.
  4. Call it taxation, or call it a premium; at the end of the day does it really matter?
  5. Mental health and gender dysphoria: A review of the literature. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26835611 Studies investigating the prevalence of psychiatric disorders among trans individuals have identified elevated rates of psychopathology. Research has also provided conflicting psychiatric outcomes following gender-confirming medical interventions. This review identifies 38 cross-sectional and longitudinal studies describing prevalence rates of psychiatric disorders and psychiatric outcomes, pre- and post-gender-confirming medical interventions, for people with gender dysphoria
  6. Per the DSM V, gender dysphoria diagnosis: In adolescents and adults gender dysphoria diagnosis involves a difference between one’s experienced/expressed gender and assigned gender, and significant distress or problems functioning. It lasts at least six months and is shown by at least two of the following: A marked incongruence between one’s experienced/expressed gender and primary and/or secondary sex characteristics A strong desire to be rid of one’s primary and/or secondary sex characteristics A strong desire for the primary and/or secondary sex characteristics of the
  7. It is a psych issue; it's called gender dysphoria. Research shows that it's more beneficial/mentally healthy to let them assume their preferred/identified gender, rather than confining them to their biological gender.
  8. Seems pretty easy to me; attach some curriculum's; show me the overwhelming shift to "climate change, social inequities, gun violence, bias and other progressive causes only tangentially related to treating illness". Otherwise, this is just sensationalism.
  9. I would agree with the author if I didn't feel like the claims were being grossly exaggerated. It seems to fall under that whole false mantra repeated ad nauseam lately of educational institutes being utilized to "brainwash" American kids into liberal agendas. For that reason I question the motivations of the author publishing this, and think the article is really just trying to showcase "how crazy liberalism has gone!", and then paint administrators as 'elitist liberals' trying to push their way into medical program curriculum. It's a tired trope, wedge issue, and tool to sow division. If th
  10. Hard to discuss when the article in question is behind a paywall. What exactly are we talking about?, and how would we know we're on topic when the topic is so broad without the context of the article?
  11. I like being a PA. We seem well respected in the medical world, and the comments I've heard from other providers, including NP's and MD's/DO's seem to reflect that. We've developed a niche in the procedure and surgical world, as well as being highly valued in other fields for our high standards of education across the board, and for our adherence to the medical model. We also seem to manage a pretty high level of standardization of our education, rather than an education system that is variable in preparation, or in rotations. I see in the future less HCE prior to school, and more of us going
  12. That would certainly suggest a physiological addiction process, which seems highly likely. A good follow up would be a comparison of withdrawal profiles, particularly long term relapse success.
  13. Lots of anecdotes in this thread, no great evidence. Kratom is an opioid like substance that partially acts on the opioid receptors, while suboxone, or methadone are opioids themselves, albeit the prior with naloxone to prevent overdose. The argument seems to be that because kratom has a partial effect on the opioid receptors, it is dangerous... which is a fallacy if you accept that suboxone itself is safe, which also agonizes the opioid receptors. Overdosing on Kratom alone as far as I can tell is very rare/difficult, and overdoses that do produce death, almost always involve something like f
  14. You're right literally/technically, just not figuratively. Doctor, and physician doesn't necessarily mean MD/DO, however, in practice we know what physician or doctor means. This is as simple as it becoming common use after really what was a hijacking of a somewhat general term. It would have probably been more correct that they call themselves MD's, or DO's all this time, or some other proprietary term, rather than a general term, but that's where we are at. In appealing to tradition, but really, just to avoid confusion among patients I don't think we should start using the term, even if it i
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