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  1. Hello All, I know some of you have interviews tomorrow, December 6th, 2016. I am a first year student here and can't express how far you guys haev come to get the first interview. Congrats!!! Just a friendly reminder, professionalism is key during interview. Be yourself, don't stress, and keep calm! Getting the interview is the first part to your journey into PA school. The fact that you have gotten an interview is amazing! As you all know, the application cycles are getting more competitive, and from our last year application cycle, there were ~3,000 applicants and only 120-130 interviews, with a class of 36. So you are all in good standing if you have been invited for the first interview cycle. If you have any questions, feel free to message me on this board. Good luck all!
  2. In my honest opinion, Nucmed gave the perfect response. This is an ethical question and they want to see how you react when it comes to confrontation! A tip I received from multiple people when it comes to ethical questions is that even though there are some questions that may, or may not have a right answer, the BEST answer is the one that follows the motto "Patient always comes first". Good luck!!!
  3. We use AthenaNet and I am part of the project management team at our office that was responsible for converting some of our "Most Favored ICD-9" to ICD-10. Overall Athenanet did a great job and we haven't noticed too much change, for the most part we search in the dx field the dx which automatically populates the most general ICD-10's, then gives you a second drop down menu in which you can specify more in detail. However, we are experiencing some difficulties with not being able to search a dx using the ICD-10, rather, they force us to search via dx name or snomed, but they are currently implementing the search function to be searchable via ICD-10 code. We prefer to have the ICD-10 code searchable in because of HRA/HCC reasons, which will ensure us that we will be reimbursed from Medicare.
  4. Nice! I received a call also but missed it, they left a voicemail around 5pm...I am assuming its to offer my seat? Unless they called to reject me =[ I will have to call back tomorrow but I am ASSUMING its good news...however, i shouldn't assume, or should i? haha
  5. Just finished the interview for 11/03. Overall great interview process. I would say in the beginning the stress level is medium, but as the day progress it gets more relaxed. I would have to say that this interview was so far the longest process out of all the schools I had interviewed for. Overall very warm and friendly faculty and staff, and they really want to get to know you. Best of luck for all of you who have an interview soon.
  6. Hi, I think you have to add one of us to your friends list...For those who wants to join please PM me your name or email address so i can add you
  7. For those of you who are accepted, please let us know. I will add you to the facebook group page that we made! good luck all!
  8. Ahh i see...Nice yes the campus looks great and heard nothing but great things about the program. I did not apply to Touro, didn't like the Henderson campus or the one in NorCal too much...I only applied to USC, LLU and a school in Portland.
  9. Maybe we know each other??? What HS did you go to and what class? I went to Sierra Vista and class of 07
  10. WOOOOHOO congrats!!!! what is your FB!? i am going to make a group for us
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