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  1. Wake Forest PA Proud Class of 2018.

  2. Back to the Grind. Much more to learn!

  3. Done with Unit 2!! Goin' Fishin'!!

    1. fishbum

      Very nice. Hopefully all this rain won't wash you out!

    2. SalmoTrutta

      Bummed it did. However, going this week up to Pisgah. Possibly Harper's creek over persimmon ridge.

    3. fishbum

      I've driven past Harper's many, many times but never fished it. Wilson Creek a few miles upstream from the stocked section is one of my favorite spots. Anyway, good luck with it.


  5. Idk if that rumor is accurate. While WF takes a holistic approach to their selection process, the "early bird" applicant theory may not apply so much. They Do emphasize leadership and their goal is to educate future leaders in the PA profession. Therefore, providing clear examples that one fits this pedagogy, would be beneficial beyond the obvious academic achievement metrics. WFU PA-S class of 2018
  6. There was a microtel minutes from the medical campus. I stayed there last year and it was affordable and decent for one night
  7. Haha. Yeah I'm jealous and of my Boone Cohort here at Wake Forest. But I'm loving it so far!!!!!!!!
  8. One week of trauma block left. Gotta study.........

  9. I was in first interview group and it wasn't until mid Sept last year. Good luck everyone. WAKE is so awesome and the experience is like nothing you'll ever have again.
  10. Can't wait to get started! 2 more days!

  11. Starting at Wake Forest in 6 days!!!!!! Woo woo!

    1. OLW2018

      Lol get ready to dive right in! Best experience of my life so far

  12. I didn't choose Wingate, but I went to an open house session and interviewed and was accepted. It's a nice campus, slightly rural and quaint. I liked the overall vibe, the faculty and current students were top notch. Out of all the schools I was accepted into, and had I not gotten into my first choice, I would have definitely chose Wingate. I worked with and shadowed a PA graduate from Wingate and he was stellar too, proof that they churn out good product. Hope that helps.
  13. Class roster went out today. Can't wait to meet everyone. Super excited to start!
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