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  1. When are we going to realize the system is broken? Selling plasma for a license to work in medicine as an option that seems normal. I'm kind of sick thinking about it. I know it has been the case for medical students using themselves for medical experiments to pay for school too, but in the end it is beyond screwed up that it is becoming the norm. But on another note, if it is a public academic institution check if they are exempt from paying for DEA, I know my first job at a state academic institution was.
  2. OHSU in Portland also puts on the class. I took it last fall and would recommend it.
  3. I was in the same situation and mentally could not continue with my last job, so I quit after 9 months. I was applying elsewhere prior to quitting, but couldn't bring myself to continue. I'm still unemployed several months later with few prospects and a decision whether or not to return to nursing, as I still have my license and can get a job tomorrow. I'm just thankful my wife has a great job and we were financially responsible prior to me quitting. On the bright side unemployment has allowed me to take some epic trips that wouldn't be possible if I were working, so it isn't all bad. I don't regret my decision to quit, but I do wish I had another position lined up.
  4. I had to delay a rotation due to a knee surgery. No problems except it was annoying to graduate late and delay start dates for employment. It made no difference to employers when I talked to them about my delayed graduation. I didn't get my university diploma until the end of the semester, but the program sent my info to NCCPA and the state, then I took the PANCE immediately after my last rotation. Talk to your program, I guarantee you are not the first to need to delay rotations and graduation because of family illness/problems, etc. It is good you know your limits and requested the time off, suffering through something like that will not help anything. Many medical professionals push through stress at home and making it difficult to focus on patient care or making it difficult for people to work with them. Don't feel bad, life sucks some times and it sounds like you are handling it in a responsible manner professionally. Good luck.
  5. N/V, headache, character of pain? Meds? Prior eye hx, including surgeries?
  6. I was an RN for 9 years prior to PA school. It is one of the best experiences to have prior to PA school in healthcare. You apply physiology, pharmacology and patho daily. You work closely with physicians, PAs, NPs and every other care provider. You learn how to talk to people. The money is also very good prior to starting PA school.
  7. Epinephrine in fingers/toes is fine...short list of references below. Another myth right there up there with CVP as an effective tool for fluid volume status. (52% AUC) Muck AE, Bebarta VS, Borys DJ, Morgan DL: Six years of epinephrine digital injections: Absence of significant local or systemic effects. Ann Emerg Med 2010;56():270-274 Fitzcharles-Bowe C, Denkler K, Lalonde D: Finger injection with high-dose (1:1,000) epinephrine: Does it cause finger necrosis and should it be treated? Hand (N Y) 2007;2():5-11 Denkler KA: A comprehensive review of epinephrine in the finger: To do or not to do. Plast Reconstr Surg 2001;108():114-124 http://www.cochrane.org/CD010645/ANAESTH_use-of-adrenaline-with-lidocaine-for-surgery-on-fingers-and-toes
  8. As far as I know the Tacoma site only does the bachelors tract. Seattle does masters only and Spokane does Masters and bachelors. That would be the most important distinction if it is still set up like that. I know they have to move toward all masters level, but not certain if the next round is when they do that.
  9. They make $100 laser printers that can print 2500+ sheets before needing toner(black and white only). The toner cartridges are $15. I bought a brother HL-L2380 off of amazon and have used it for 2 years without a problem. I will never buy another inkjet again, the ink is ridiculously expensive for so few pages printed. If I need color prints (very rare) I'll go to a copy place.
  10. Somehow I'm only traveling during 1 rotation...don't know how that happened. I did buy a van, but set it up for kayaking/camping rather than a true living situation. We needed the 2nd car anyway. Several classmates are living out of RV's and vans, so far from them it has been a huge success. Cheaper and more mobile. It does take a certain type of personality to pull it off. The majority of people in my class are from the PNW, very acclimatized to outdoor activities and would use the vehicles well past clinical rotations for recreation.
  11. I'm not certain why everyone bashes community colleges. I went to one that gave me a superior education to my BA. All of my instructors had PhD's, and loved teaching. The pathophys and physiology class at the CC was taught by the exact same professor as the nearby med school, excellent courses that are making PA school less difficult. The patho class will help far more than the majority of biology, etc classes. It was the basis of the 1st 2 quarters of my didactic year.
  12. I was an ICU nurse for 9+ years. Currently in my 2nd year of PA school doing rotations now. I'm glad I went the PA route, but taking 2 years without pay is a little painful compared to working and going to NP school(tuition is cheap compared to 2 years salary). I have worked with PAs who were RNs. Best of both worlds for inpatient medicine. You know both sides and can mediate well. Finish the BSN. Avoid online BS programs like U of phoenix that cost way too much and not likely to be accepted. BSN of nursing should give you the vast majority of you prereq's. My BSN classes and RN prereqs were the exact same as PA school.
  13. The average age at admit was 34 in my class. You will not be far off of that when done with a BS. I'll be a month off of 37 when I graduate. The original intent of a PA was to utilize the training military personnel received to fill in HC gaps. Your age isn't necessarily a disadvantage, use your experiences as an asset. Medic and business owner experience are things a 24 year old can't offer a application committee. Community college, part time HCE work and chip away at requirements. If it takes 6 years great. If it takes longer and you achieve your goal that is fine too. I'm not a veteran, but use your GI bill wisely. Many of the veterans in my class paid for most of undergrad while they were able to work part time. Then used the GI bill for PA school when it is much more expensive and they couldn't work. Those who did it this way owe way less in debt at the end ( a bigger concern than you would think).
  14. Have you shadowed either one of these professions? Do you have an idea of what field you would want to work in? If not, go and talk/shadow RNs, PAs and some NPs to see what fits your personality. $6000 is about what I paid for my ADN, and it was worth every cent (decent pay for a low cost education). I don't regret being an RN, it is a great profession that I have the utmost respect for. I eventually wanted something more, but my experiences will help me become a better PA.
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