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  1. I have been thinking about a new strategy to attack the NCCPA in a way that doesn't leave fingerprints of any individual PA or PA organization. This may not be the right time but I am wondering if a PAC were created that it could help. Essentially, PACs do the dirty work of discrediting the opposition through whatever means possible. Remember Swift Boat Veterans. We now refer to cutting down the opposition with questionable and salacious information as "swift boating." Of course, you can read The DOs by Norm Ovitz to learn how MDs. Swift boated the DOs for nearly a century. We aren't going to
  2. I would welcome the NCCPA director, Morton-Rizzo, to take Q and A from the floor at an PAFT meeting. The fact that she hides in the enclave and knifes the PA the back with videos about recertification tells us about her true character and the real nature of the NCCPA. Bottom line is they are modern day mobsters.
  3. Thank you for explaining. I agree that you should not disclose information when the candidates were unaware their statements would be published. It is the same issue with letters of recommendation for school. If the recommender knows that his statements are confidential, he will speak more freely. I believe you are doing the honorable thing here.
  4. Would it be possible to read the questions and responses of each candidate? I am not an AAPA member or PAFT member. I have considered supporting PAFT but remain in an evaluation phase. Are the answers to each candidates considered confidential?
  5. I say again, I love practicing medicine. I despise dependent practice and reboarding. I would immediately join the AAPA AND INVEST MYSELF FULLY iff the AAPA would state that their goal is to eliminate the PANRE AND WIN FIFTY STATE INDEPENDENCE. Just make that public pledge and I will pay dues and enlist. "Most humbly my lord, on my knee, I beg thee the leading of the vayward" - York, Battle of Agincourt
  6. We will continue to decline into non existence over the next ten years unless and until we stop PANRE testing and win 50 state independence. We are just slaves on the Physicians plantation. The NPs have been set fre and are prospering. We continue to pick cotton in the hot sun for room and board in the field shack. No undergraduate should be considering entry into the PA profession today. We are going the way of the Mainframe computer.
  7. I am shocked that major decisions are left to voice vote. Just another good reason I don't support the AAPA.
  8. No offense EMED but we are supposed to accept that the NCCPA is an honest organization because you "know some of them and they said everything is cool". Seriously, why not say "these guys at the NCCPA are goodfellas?" I could buy that one.
  9. There is one thing that is absolutely within our control. STOP APPLYING FOR CAQs. These money grabs directly fund lobbyist who work to keep mandatory PANRE and fight against FPAR. You folks who think the credential of CAQ is helping you but it is ammunition to hold down the PA profession and keep our necks under the boot of the physician. Fight back against these dishonest crooks and cease CAQ credentialing.
  10. The NCCPA should undergo a forensic accounting investigation. It is a group of aluminum siding salesmen running con games on hardworking PAs. Perhaps a PA insider who holds a board seat at the NCCPA could leak some valuable information to help start the invasion. FYI...with regard to "operating costs" they essentially have none. There in no research and development; there is no manufacturing. In a service organizations, margins are very high precisely because there are few operating costs.
  11. If the public is buying the idea that retesting makes them safe then why is there no outrage that NPs have 23 state independent practice without retesting. The PANRE is a money making scam. Morton Rizzo is the modern day version of the tin man.
  12. The problem in private practice without professional management is that physician owners believe their job is to control costs in order to maximize profits. I think it would be better if you and the other providers had complete access to billing data, collections, resources consumed, and metrics such as hospital admissions, bounce backs etc. Look at the numbers from a higher level to make independent decisions after comparing your performance with others. The physician should get out of the daily business of cost control and the team should focus on missions goals that benefit the patient and
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