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  1. Interviewed Thursday 10/22 Emailed Friday 10/30 that a decision was made and mailed out Recieved the mail Tuesday 11/3
  2. Yes, large packet. This was my top choice so unless something drastic happens I will be attending!
  3. Thought I would start a thread for those accepted to Boston for 2016! I am very excited about this program and am 99% sure I'll be attending! :)
  4. I just cancelled my interview for this Friday, Nov. 6. Hopefully this opens up a seat for someone else! Good luck to everyone!
  5. I did! Accepted! 99% sure I will be attending. Love love love this program!
  6. I also recieved the email that an admission decision was mailed. Does anyone know if this can be a rejection? Or do they only mail acceptances?
  7. I'll be interviewing October 26! Anyone know how many spots are left? Any tips/advice?
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