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  1. I also declined a few weeks ago, so I imagine they are going through their alternate list pretty well by now. I do have to say though... it was reeeally hard to decline, lol! Such a wonderful program, just not the best fit for me and my family. Good luck to everyone waiting!
  2. They have a one-on-one component, a two-on-one (two interviewers and you) and then a group portion.
  3. Thank you - that is helpful :) They didn't happen to have a shuttle from the airport, did they? Just trying to plan accordingly. Thanks again!
  4. What hotel are you staying at? I'm debating between taking cabs and renting a car.
  5. I was contacted yesterday. Anyone else going that day? If so, perhaps we could share cabs.
  6. Jdizzl11, Yes. I have an interview scheduled for Nov 19th.
  7. I brought a copy of my CV and my CASPA application, but I haven't needed them at any of my interviews yet. Bring mints but other than that, you're good.
  8. Hmm, I responded but didn't quote who I responded to - so now I was trying to delete the post. Anyone know how to completely delete a post? (As I already posted another response with the quoted conversation in it.)
  9. I wouldn't count yourself out just yet. It sounds like the interview slots have been sent out (4 different dates, starting with next week), but as/if people decline interviews, more might open up. Plus, they'll add more interviews if they have to in order to find the right people to fill the class. I don't know if they send out an email after they fill the class or not, but I would guess that they would wait until Dec or so, but that is seriously just a guess.
  10. I was invited for an interview but declined it today (I have already put a deposit down on another school that is higher on my list than TUC), so hopefully it gets sent out to someone else. I tried to decline in plenty of time for someone else to go in my place. Good luck.
  11. rorymilly, A phone call for acceptance, a mailed letter for waitlist. I'm not sure about rejection.
  12. To be honest, I don't remember exactly and I'm just using my phone right now since I'm traveling. I believe it was June but I can't tell you the date, sorry.
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