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  1. Hi all! I was wondering if anyone was going to the ENT for the PA-C Conference coming up in April down in Orlando? This will be my first year attending and I've heard great things from my colleagues! If you've gone in the past, are there any specific workshops you would absolutely recommend?
  2. thanks @michellemybell and @ilygurlie. I've started looking at jobs all over the state, but I haven't applied yet. I don't know the different areas too well, its been two decades since i've been down there, so i'm definitely open to going wherever. And i'm trying not to be too picky as a new grad. I'd really love something general, like internal med, family med, or maybe an urgent care or ED, but I definitely don't want to limit myself...Also, any advice on what's considered too early to apply? I was thinking I'd start around January. I'm glad I found this thread. Good luck to those
  3. aw shucks i didn't realize how saturated the market was in NC. I'm at school in RI, originally from NY, and have family in NC. I was really considering trying to find a job in NC once I graduate in March. I guess without any strong ties to NC, for a new grad the odds of landing a job are even slimmer?
  4. Happy CASPA opening day every one! if you have any questions about the program, interview process, or anything else, don't be shy! Good luck to everyone out there! :)
  5. I wasn't taken off the waitlist until 10/19. I'm pretty sure that people can be accepted right up until the start date, so there is definitely still time! Hang in there!
  6. Hi everyone! I just wanted to let all recently accepted students, those on the waitlist, and those still considering Bryant, to know that we received continued accreditation status! We remain provisional until the Class of 2017 graduates, and we'll be getting another visit from the ARC-PA in 18 months. I'm sure we'll pass with flying colors! :D
  7. I agree with everyone else, but I'll throw my two cents in as well. I'm not sure if CA is the same as CNA, but if so, that's what I went for after graduating, took the whole course and passed, and actually ended up working with adults with disabilities. I was doing similar work and I found that perhaps it made my experience stand out a bit compared to other CNAs working in a hospital. That could also be totally false, but figured I'd mention it in case you're open to different ideas of employment. Anyways, another piece of advice is to remain realistic. It took me 4 years of working f
  8. don't get discouraged. i know the waiting will be the hardest part, but I was accepted off of the waitlist, as were several of my classmates. just keep thinking positive thoughts :) good luck!
  9. yep i'm not sure if the Facebook group has been established yet but i'm sure you'll all get invites to it soon. it'll be a good resource if you're thinking of living with someone else in class :) and our first day was january 4th, so I'm betting it'll be around that same time. good luck to those interviewing next week and congrats to those already accepted! if anyone has any questions, feel free :D
  10. congrats to everyone getting interviews! the interview day was pretty relaxed. for mine, we first all met as a group and there was time to chat with the other applicants and (attempt) to eat some breakfast. it was then broken into 4 sections: a q&a with someone from the class above, a quick campus tour with another upper classman, a written essay portion, and then four 1:1 interviews with different program faculty. good luck everyone!!
  11. i received an interview invite but i am in my 6th month of another program already so i will be declining! i hope this spot will go to one of you guys! best of luck to everyone!! trust me, the wait is worth it!
  12. i never received an email regarding the invite, only the phone call. they did leave a message and asked that I called back, which I did. I'm hoping they would have called again though if they hadn't heard from me...good luck everyone!
  13. hey i submitted pretty early, back in late may. pretty sure I was verified very shortly after my submission date. hang in there!
  14. thanks!! hopefully you'll hear some good news soon!!! the number they called from was a 510 area code, oakland, CA
  15. hi all! i got a call about 30 minutes ago inviting me to interview on January 23rd, but I will be declining because I actually just had my first day at a different program TODAY! haha funny how things work out...best of luck to you all!!
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