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  1. You'll need your CASPA cGPA and sGPA above minimums (there are other threads on here to accurately calculate this). From experience, I had a 1.6 over 63 credits over 20 years ago and a 3.97 over 56 credits when I applied to 10 schools with over 20,000 hours as a paramedic and only got 2 interviews (and acceptances). Good luck.
  2. 33 is the right time to be thinking of PA school. My class is very young with a mean age of 26. I'm 41, at least 5 others are in their 30s.
  3. Iowa will allow you to submit the scores to them. When they send the supplemental app, there is a form letter explaining that they "value" MCAT scores and request that you send them if applicable.
  4. This. Also, it seams to me that if someone is not sure if a certain experience counts as HCE, it won't (or shouldn't). I know a lot of people who listed all of their firefighter/paramedic time as PCE, I listed what I thought to be an average of PCE hours each week, then all the remaining full time employment hours as HCE.
  5. I start next month. This has been on my radar for a while, but I haven't gotten too far with planning yet.
  6. Thanks for sharing. More incentive for me to get my waist size down and my push up numbers up!
  7. Thanks for the great advice. I knew I came to the right place. I'll definitely keep my license, and renew the NREMT cert while I'm at it. Thanks!
  8. I'll be starting my MPAS program next month, my state paramedic license expires in October, my NREMT-P has been expired. I don't intend to work as a paramedic through school. I was planning to test to get my NREMT-P back, I just have to do it before my license expires, and document 48 hours of training in the last 2 years and take the tests. Is it worth maintaining paramedic credentials as a PA? System affiliation is required to renew a license in my state. Thank you.
  9. I agree that 300 (50%tile) has become a minimum for schools that require a GRE (paea has sorting criteria to see who does). I'd add that a low GRE with a high GPA can be seen as a red flag for grade inflation especially if the grades were earned at a school with a reputation for being easy.
  10. I agree with all of the above. I got accepted with a cGPA of 3.05 and sGPA 2.95 at application due to 63 lousy credits as a kid. I scored well on the GRE and had 25,000+ hours as a paramedic. Good luck!
  11. Unless you need GPS on the iPad, go wifi only. You can always tether the iPhone when you are remote and need to use the iPad.
  12. If science courses are a concern, nursing might be another path into healthcare. At Purdue, the BSN requirements for chemistry and microbiology are much less demanding than the similar courses offered to science majors.
  13. Your scores are fine. I had 320 combined and a 3.0 on the written. I've seen other feedback on the topic that points out that if your PS looks to be written by a Pulitzer Prize winner, and you scored a 3 on the GRE it is a red flag. Good Luck!
  14. CASPA will let you forecast hours through October IIRC
  15. While it's true that 1 C won't hurt your GPA, it does look bad that you survived a college career with 3.5, then went on to get a C in the only class you were taking. You have half a semester left, talk to the professor, use the tutoring office, do whatever it takes to make your application as strong as possible. Having said all that, the advice of applying early and broadly is good. You're sure to get multiple interviews and offers.
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