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  1. I applied on 8/14 and haven't heard anything. Does anyone know what interview dates are for October? Has anyone been accepted to the program?
  2. For those who got an invite to an interview, How was it delivered? To your email or through the MyVista Portal?
  3. I have a question that maybe another applicant might be able to answer. I checked in the MyVista portal today and a new section was added that hadn't been there before. "Withdraw application". Does anyone know if the appearance of this tab has any significance?
  4. Is there anyone who has some free time that would mind taking a look at my application and personal statement? I am applying for my third year and have not had an interview yet. My top choice is Saint Louis University so if there is anyone who is familiar with the program that could take a gander and provide me feedback I would really appreciate it.
  5. Is there anyone on here who is either currently at SLU or recently went to SLU? I am living near ST. Louis and have fallen in love with the area and I do not want to leave. I know that my chances of getting in to any particular school are low yes but one can dream. This will be my 3rd cycle applying and I haven't gotten a single interview yet. My GPA just meets the minimums but I have been working in clinical research since 2011 and have around 14,000 hours of Patient contact doing ECG's, blood draws, taking histories, vital signs and more. I have been involved in work with Alzheimers patients
  6. For those of us who have not yet received either an interview or a rejection, wil there be another round of invites sometime soon after this next admissions committee?
  7. Supplemental submitted and deadline has passed. Now we wait. Ohhhh how I love to wait......
  8. Hey all, This took a long time to start. I submitted back in May and just received an email invite for the supplemental application. Is there anyone familiar with the program that knows if everyone that applies gets a supplemental or if it is an indication that you qualify for an interview? Best of luck everyone!
  9. I have a question for Caryn, I have completed more classes since submitting my application, what is the best way to update? Should I send the transcript to CASPA and hit the update application button, or would it be better to send the transcript directly to the program? Thanks
  10. I just got a notice today that they are beginning review. It said within the next 4 weeks I should hear back about a supplemental app.
  11. I just heard from them today that they have everything and will now begin reviewing.
  12. They frankly put the fear into me. It would not be wise for any applicant to say anything specific, especially on this public forum. I for one wouldn't do anything that would put my chances at risk. I'm sure all of you have been working far too hard to get in to blow it for something like this. On a related note, I wonder if they put that in there because of the thread here last year. I saw that thread and there was a lot of argument about whether or not they should be posting the questions.
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