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  1. Purchase smarty pance and start grinding out questions. They draw from old packrat banks and you’ll start noticing word-for-word questions on EORs. I’m convinced the same group of people writes all of these questions - you’ll start to pick up on their “habits” and patterns. Use pance prep pearls as a reference to fill in any gaps but you’ll get to a point where all you need is a couple days of practice questions to do well. ROSH is great for PANCE review but I personally don’t think it’s absolutely necessary until you’re a few months out from PANCE.
  2. I know how you’re feeling. Two questions. How long is this contract for? What penalty do you face if you break the contact early? The skills you’ll learn at this job are certainly valuable and you can potentially use them for the rest of your career to make very good money on the side, so I wouldn’t totally discount this position. If you’re starting to get desperate and need to bring in some dollars, take the job and continue looking for other gigs. The market in south Florida is insane. Ideally it’d be awesome to work in a broader field right out the gate to hone your medical skills, but sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do.
  3. I don’t have kids and you already got some great advice, so I’ll just give a slightly different perspective. The faster you graduate PA school, the better. Our graduating class from last year had just about a 100% emoloyment rate before graduating. This year with my class, we have been out of school for a couple months now and only 40% of people have jobs period, with the majority being PRN/no benefits. The market is tightening quickly unfortunately.
  4. Thank you, I edited my post to reflect this. I wish the department of education would show some transparency in regards to PSLF. It’s crazy we have to search the internet for reputable “sources” rather than pull up the government site.
  5. Editing this post: consolidating loans is the way to go to convert non-direct loans, but it does reset the clock. Be careful consolidating under fed serv. If you have even one non-direct loan that gets lumped in, you’re screwed. Non-direct loans include a lot more than you’d think (Strafford, Perkins, etc). Only 0.3% of people who applied for forgiveness after making their 120 payments have actualky had it granted for various loopholes like this.
  6. Go shadow one of your friends and have them write it. This is a no brainer. Way better than obtaining a mediocre letter from someone you don’t know.
  7. Hey @EMEDPA may I pick your brain once more? Do you think doing a year or so of ortho trauma would help me to land an ER job, or would doing strictly ortho like this negatively impact me?
  8. I recently graduated PA school. I’d say 40% of our class had a woozy near-fainting experience in the OR, then they were fine for the rest of the rotation. My good friend was rolled out of the OR on a roller chair after becoming dizzy and she is now working in ortho surg. It’s a totally normal and expected reaction that just happens to people. If it happens again, just focus on getting away from the sterile field. Leave the room if you need to. Those scrubbed in will just be happy you didn’t break their field or fall into an open abdomen. That anesthesiologist is flat wrong. This has no bearing on your ability to be a PA.
  9. No problem. Obviously my experience is limited, but I’d absolutely submit a counter. They’ve already invested a lot of time and energy into interviewing and selecting you and I promise they don’t want to go through that again, even if they do have lots of apps to choose from. Also, your EMS experience is a big deal and is becoming rarer and rarer among new grads. Either way, nice job nailing this one!
  10. I am a new grad as well and I’d take this. Obviously it isn’t perfect but from my experience aggressively trying to obtain an ER job over the past six months, this sounds like a great gig! I may have missed this in the post, but are you expected to fly solo with access to the physician or will they be there onsite with you? As far as negotiating, I’d personally try to bump it up a couple bucks and ask for 60 or something like that because why not. I’d also ask for DEA reimbursement. That thing is expensive. Edit: is it possible they provide DEA reimbursement out of the CME? 3k is on the higher side of what I’ve seen and I did speak with one ER group who lumped all of their licensing reimbursements under “CME”.
  11. Thanks, much appreciated. They offer CME with 40 hours. I failed to ask about dea and license, d’oh. That DEA license ain’t cheap. Do you think there is any point in trying to bump my hourly or bonus up a few bucks with a hospital system?
  12. New grad here who would love some opinions on how to realistically negotiate this offer. This is a hospital-employed ortho level 1 trauma position in the Midwest with low COL. The group has gone through some major changes recently and I would be the last of three new PA hires. I liked the staff and surgeons a lot and I’ll be given a lot of flexibility to carve out my position, which is right up my alley. They were very transparent and said that I’d likely be working 45-55 hours per week, which I’m okay with as this is my number one priority in life at this time and I want to learn everything I can. They seem excited to teach. Sign on bonus: $2500 upon credentialing Pay: $41.80/hr with no night or overtime differential. I know this will raise some eyebrows, but keep in mind COL is quite low here. Production bonus: up to $10,000 per year. The PA I spoke with said it is obtainable and he has earned it every year. Malpractice is covered, including tail Earned time off: Start with 80 hours and then you bank 200 per year and can carry over up to 400. Can also accrue up to 9 days sick leave per year. Call schedule: TBD. I know, kinda weird, but once I am working the group is completely restructuring the schedule and we all get input. Benefits: 401k - will match 100% of first 3% contribution, then %50 of next 4% contribution. Excellent health insurance that will cover me and my husband + dental and vision and can earn up to 1k towards deductible for doing certain health initiate things.
  13. New grad (December) here who has been aggressively applying for the last six months with no luck. I’d love to move to a beautiful part of the country to work for a hospital. If you guys are seriously looking for a PA please do message me. I have letters of reference from preceptors and am very eager to move somewhere new.
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