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  1. Did you hear from anyone saying that new accreditation news was coming? They are currently in the highest possible accreditation standing for a new school so I don't think anything can change until their next review in about a year.
  2. Hi WAMUCC, last year when I applied I had a couple of outstanding pre-reqs. I seem to remember them telling us we had to submit them by the end of December, or some time around then.
  3. Just received an interview invite (today at 2:26pm). See everyone who will be there on Saturday!
  4. I was told at the interview that anyone who interviews is either offered a seat or wait listed. So technically anyone who has interviewed but not been offered a seat is on the wait list.
  5. Yes I interviewed on Nov 20. According to the email I received they will be doing interviews through March so we are still at the beginning of the process!
  6. Just heard I was put on the active list, which I guess is another way of saying wait list. I know I did hear about 2 or 3 people getting accepted last week. Anyone else hear anything?
  7. According to my brief research, there is only one hotel right near the university. The others are down in Dunn. The one near it is called Microtel in Lillington, NC. On the website it says there are no rooms left but if you call the hotel directly (910-893-2626) they currently have a few rooms left plus they give a little discount if you mention you are coming for a Campbell interview :) I applied back in June but got put on their "wait and see list" (or whatever it is called) until I sent them some updated grades and HCE. They received that information back in September and I didn't
  8. Just got a call inviting me to an interview for 12/15. Anyone else on here going???
  9. I recommend you consider taking several easy online science classes to bump up your science GPA some. Also, make sure that all of your prereqs are a B or higher. Like others have said, military experience is big, but GPA is even more important for most schools. There are some schools that will automatically screen you out if you are below a certain GPA, such as 3.25 (or whatever they determine). Good luck!
  10. At the recommendation of this forum I ended up taking the online General Biology 2 from Ocean County College with Prof. LaBella. I am just about done and will end up with an A. The class involves a fair amount of work but nothing overwhelming. There are multiple dissections which you do at home. The class itself is not too expensive (even out of state) but you also have to buy a home lab pack, microscope, and online access to the particular book they use which adds about $500 on top of tuition. The syllabus make the class seem really hard but so far he has been a very generous grader (as long
  11. I am pretty sure the first interview is next week.I didn't see anyone mention any interviews before that though I could be wrong.
  12. Here is the link for all the forums related to Usciences. Click on the one that says 2014-2015. http://www.physicianassistantforum.com/index.php?/forum/426-pennsylvania-university-of-the-sciences-in-philadelphia/
  13. Very relaxed and friendly! Look at some earlier posts on this forum and the previous year's forum for some more thoughts about it though. Good luck!
  14. Hi PAphil, I was told during the interview that anyone who gets to the interview point will not be rejected, only waitlisted or accepted. I was also told that it would take a month to get back to people, so if you interviewed on 15th you definitely still have time. Obviously a few people have already been offered seats. I am guessing they offer seats to a few people right away who score high enough and then will make up their minds about the rest at the one month point after a couple of interviews (that is just my guess). Good luck!
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