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  1. Have they had another round of interviews?
  2. this is just a guess but OLOL might be a little delayed in sending out interviews because of all the flooding that has been going on in the Baton Rouge area
  3. Well once again I was put on the alternate list. Quite disappointing since I received an early interview. Good luck to all
  4. I have not heard back yet. Extremely nervous because all these other guys heard back.
  5. Yesterday I received an invite to interview this Saturday 7/23.
  6. I applied a couple of weeks ago. They sent out a confirmation email saying that they will mail letters beginning September 2nd and the interview dates are November 4-5 and December 2-3.
  7. I never got an email back saying my application was complete or anything for that matter. It has been about 3 weeks since I applied. any of the recent applicant get an email back?
  8. Does anyone know how many they take in each class?
  9. Do they accept mostly UNC students or do they not give preference to where you are from?
  10. They have an MGH forum already but for some reason it isn't listed under Massachusetts. This is seems to happen for many schools, not exactly sure why but they could definitely fix it.
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