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  1. I applied approximately 1.5 months before the deadline and my status still says "ready for review," which I guess means they haven't even looked at it...?
  2. Relieved that I'm now DONE with this application process, and excited to start PA school next year! Undergrad: B.S. English Literature cGPA: 3.8 sGPA: 3.8 CASPA verification: June 3rd GRE: V 166 / Q 156 / W 5 HCE: 1500 hrs ER medical scribe Research: ~300 hrs Shadowing: ~30 hrs (PAs in emergency department, gastroenterology, and family medicine) Volunteering: ~400 hrs Attempts: 1st Schools applied to: Arcadia (Glenside), AT Still, Barry, Chatham, Cornell, Elon, Samuel Merritt University, MCPHS University (Boston), Midwestern (Downer's Grove & Glendale), NYIT, Northwestern, NOVA (Ft. Myers & Orlando), PhilaU, Rosalind Franklin, South University (Savannah), University of New England Interview Invites: Arcadia, AT Still, Barry, Chatham, Cornell, Elon, MCPHS (Boston), Midwestern (Downer's Grove & Glendale), NYIT, Northwestern, NOVA (Ft. Myers), PhilaU, South University (Savannah) Interviews Attended: Cornell, Midwestern (Downer's Grove), Northwestern, South Accepted: Cornell, Midwestern (Downer's Grove), South Denied: No formal denies, but strongly believe "soft denies" from Northwestern, NOVA Orlando, Rosalind Franklin, and UNE Attending: Cornell! Notes: I was very nervous going into this cycle due to my HCE, which is why I applied to so many programs. My only advice is don't underestimate yourself! Your personal statement is very important, and admissions committees are looking for diverse classes. That means they don't want an entire class full of EMTs and CNAs, or an entire class of people with perfect GPAs. Don't feel bad if you don't fit the perfect "pre-PA mold." Once you get an interview, don't let yourself be intimidated by others. It's a cliche but just believe in yourself and know your strong points. Also, APPLY EARLY!!!
  3. congrats! my app still hasn't been reviewed... does anyone know if they send you an email once the status changes to under review?
  4. It finally switched to "ready for review," whew. Hopefully I'm not too late for an October/November interview...
  5. Has anyone else had issues with their application saying "incomplete" despite having all the needed documents/LORs in?
  6. I will most likely be withdrawing my interview invite, so hopefully that opens up a spot for one of you
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