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  1. Did you send copies of your background check and drug screen results to UMES? Not sure if we are supposed to do that, or if UMES just downloads the results from the website.Thanks
  2. I have only been notified that they received my Caspa application. bmyers22, have you submitted your background check yet?
  3. @bmyers22, when you received the "received CASPA application" from AA, was your name on it? I received mine on 6/9, but it was " Dear first_name last_name," etc.....kind of worried me that it wasn't my actual name printed, but I assumed it was just automatic. I was verified 6/4, so hoping to hear something back soon! Thanks!
  4. Thanks for starting this thread! :) I was verified a couple weeks ago, but still haven't heard from AACC just yet. Looking at last years thread it seems they didn't really hear anything until the beginning of July...
  5. Hi all! I'm starting a new thread for this years application cycle since I see one wasn't created just yet. Has anyone heard anything back yet?
  6. Everything submitted! Looking briefly at the last forum it seems people didn't start getting interview invites until mid-August. I got an email stating my supplemental was recieved though, however I'm not sure if they have even started reviewing applications yet
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