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  1. Health care specialist in the army, last year and a half at the VA as a psychiatric nursing assistant.
  2. Look for synonyms to use instead of dream. I think I read "my dream to become a PA" at least once per paragraph. Aspiration, mission, goal, desire, etc could be used to break up the repetition.
  3. I would either join the reserves first and try a shot at a seat for IPAP, or finish school then join the reserves as an officer. You don't want to have to deal with drill weekend, let alone basic training/AIT (or the Air Force/Coast Guard equivalent) in a PA program.
  4. Here's an example of how I did mine, hopefully it's a format adcoms like: Provides psychiatric nursing care in a VA residential patient care and behavioral health facility for homeless veterans; duties include personal nursing care such as pre and post-operative care; support for diagnostic and technical treatment procedures such as taking and recording vital signs, obtaining specimens, and sterile dressing changes; caring for mentally ill veterans by providing encouragement, emotional support and education; observes, records and reports behavioral changes; assists and supports licensed nurses in developing and implementing plan of care for veterans.
  5. I think it's in regards to sacrificing a conclusion paragraph in a supplemental application essay to meet a character limit.
  6. Man, I look at the profiles of some of the people MEDEX accepted on their facebook site, and it makes me feel very mediocre as a candidate.
  7. I'm 32 in November, was a 91W (medic) before reclassing to 11B when my Guard unit switched from a division to a BCT, did 3 years in Iraq. I never went over the EMT-B level, got a job at the VA as a nursing assistant. I also work the overnight shift, but its much more consistant -- 2345-0745 with Tuesdays and Thursdays off. I went to a CC about 50 miles away, which wasn't as bad as a 90 minute drive. I have two kids and I watch them during the day when my wife is at work, so I sleep in a sort of shift nature. 3-4 hours before work and 3-4 hours after work. Try to take as much of your classes online, and do your homework on your downtime at work is what I do. It's doable, you've done harder stuff -- but it still is rough. Not much you time for sure.
  8. All the do's and don'ts of personal essays I've read say not to do what you did in your intro, ie along the likes of "my mom told me I should do this since I was 5."
  9. I think a big part of getting accepted into voc rehab is dependent on the counselor. In California the counselor was all about providing me with whatever I needed to enter whatever program I wanted (was looking at radiology, nursing and pa). The oregon guy said he wouldn't approve anything more than entry level training like CNA school.
  10. I'm not sure. I currently work as a psychiatric nursing assistant for the va, where I do a lot of nursing assistant care, but s lot of emotional and behavioral care. I listed it as patient care experience.
  11. what a problem to have! I guess I'd wait until towards the end of the time I'd have to accept an offer before accepting if I was holding out for my preferred school.
  12. The post about five down asking the same question says "yes"
  13. I'm nowhere near done with my stanford app, but I know that they won't even be looking at apps until October 1st so you aren't in any rush to meet deadlines.
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