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  1. VANDENBE I agree, I also felt that the decision was made before the interview. In the same sense I don't exactly see this as a bad thing. Arcadia seems to be a program that relies heavily on a candidate's stats/academics (GPA, GRE scores, experience, extracurriculars). It is probably because it reflects positively on the success of the student once in the program as in (attrition rate, first time PANCE pass rate). I once attended an Arcadia open house and someone asked why Arcadia still required GRE scores where most schools have dropped the requirement and the answer was that good GRE scores have translated into good PANCE scores/ first time pass rates and as you probably already know Arcadia's had been 100% for the previous 8 years. Again, this is just my opinion but I think the interview was more to make sure that these candidates really are the people they appear to be on paper. If it makes you feel any better my interview was also super short and sweet with only fours questions asked which I felt ok about. My girlfriend from undergrad who interviewed the same time as I did also only had a few questions asked and that totally freaked her out! It made her want to go back for a second interview because she didn't feel like she got the chance to sell herself. No one in my group got a second interview and needless to say we both left a little concerned but in the end we both ended up with positive results :) I'm sure you rocked it! Good luck!
  2. Its a pretty laid back process! No writing sample or group interview. There is an info session lead by the director in the morning then a financial aid info session, followed by interviews (one-on-one) with faculty or alumni, then lunch, you also get to sit in on a class after lunch which my interview group did not get to do as they had exams that day. They let us know by the end of the following week but its seems like it was longer for the following groups. Good Luck! All I can say is practice your basic PA School interview questions. My interview was wonderful and was more conversational than a grueling Q&A.
  3. It took about 2 weeks. I don't know why it took so long it can't even be blamed on the mail because I live about 15 min away so maybe they were waiting to send them all at once.
  4. I was confused by that also. I thought it was as an employee but my friend got the same app and thought it was as a patient. I decided to decline the suppl app. but I told her to call and ask because they should really reword it to make it less vague.
  5. I imagine maybe when the class is full? I'd give it until at least January.
  6. I called Phil U today to see what was going on as I interviewed on 8/11 and still had not heard back either way. The coordinator said that I was indeed on the wait-list and that only acceptance and rejection emails had gone out so far and that those on the wait-list should be notified by Friday. She said if it meant anything to me that I was pretty much at the top of the wait-list and that last year all wait-listed applicants eventually were called for seats in the program. I respectfully declined my place on the wait-list as I have already been accepted to my first-choice program, I hope this opens up an opportunity for one of you :) Best of Luck!
  7. kna24 - I sort of thought the same thing! Oh well hope the news comes soon! Good luck!
  8. Has anyone heard anything from the Aug. 11th interview yet? Since that interview Ive already gone and interviewed at another school and received an acceptance letter already lol I'm getting a tad impatient..
  9. They do in fact do rolling admissions but you should not have any problem in November as they go until December I believe. Good luck!
  10. I also just found out (unconventionally) that I was accepted to the DE campus! I called to verify that they had my new address on file and the coordinator said "oh yeah, we sent your acceptance letter last thursday to that address so Im not sure why you haven't received it yet since you live in Delaware. Call back on wednesday if you haven't received it by then and Congratulations!". Lol not how I expected to find out but I'll take it!
  11. pa_app229 & kac208 I would not worry about it I did receive an email after completing the supplemental app but its the same exact email they sent me earlier this summer. If you read it closely it says we've received your "CASPA" application, not supplemental.
  12. patobe123: That's awesome we were at the same interview! Hopefully the rest of us will get some news soon as well. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Congratulations! To which campus did you apply?
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