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  1. Hey guys, does anyone know when navy housing usually fills up? Also any tips on finding roommates at RFU?
  2. Does anyone know if the PA students share classes with med students at RFU?
  3. Doesn't clinical put an equal amount of stress on the family, since you are away from them?
  4. Ya good points. I was thinking from my perspective since I have no kids or s/o. Would it be easier for a student like me to persevere, w/ little social life, during the didactic year?
  5. Link doesnt seem to work. But since it's only two years, who cares if you don't have a work/life balance? Right?
  6. What was the hardest part of PA school for you? Was it anatomy, surgery rotation, passing PANCE, the entire pre-clinical, etc.?
  7. I say the same thing with MD/DO. You really cannot be 100% sure during HS about any career. Tbh I've heard of people IN med/pa/etc. schools that still weren't 100% sure.
  8. First off you're a HS student so there is no way you are 100% about which healthcare career you want to enter. Also "pre-med" is not a major 99% of the time. For med school the pre-reqs are: gen chem 1 and 2, orgo, 1 year bio, physics +some minor stuff required by specific schools. Its similar for PA school except you don't normally need physics. I would HIGHLY recommend you just take all those pre-reqs, shadow MDs/DOs/PTs/PAs/PharmD's etc. and THEN choose your career. Also if I were you I'd major in something useful like IT, nursing, accounting, etc. You can still take the pre-reqs as one of
  9. Hey guys, can anyone tell me how long the interview day goes till? Did you get out 30 mins earlier than the schedule they emailed you?
  10. Great thanks so much! Just one last question. Does the interview go till the exact time on the emailed schedule or do we get out earlier? From my other interviews schools often say that the interview goes till 5 but it was pretty common for me to be finished 45mins early. Is this the case at RFU? Thanks!
  11. Hey @nem1221 So do you guys also have the exact same exams as the med students with the same curve? Thanks!
  12. Hey guys I have my interview coming up soon and I had 2 questions: 1) My interview is from 11am till like 4pm. Is there any downtime during the day or are you busy with interview, tours, etc. the entire time? 2) Do you guys recommend anything to prep for the interview. I know you can't talk about the contents on the interview, I'd just like to know if there's anything I can do to prepare. Thanks.
  13. Hey guys, if we were accepted do we need to do anything? Is there a deposit? thanks.
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