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  1. Hey pc21, 

    Hope all is well! I saw your post from 09/15, and wanted to ask some questions about the LIU PA Program. Did you end up at their program? And if so, how was that experience? Also, what were your stats, if you don't mind me asking? 


  2. I can only speak from my experiences but I always like to ask questions at the end because I usually have questions that I want to know the answer to and I think it shows interest. Last year I had three people during my interview, i am not sure if the process this year is changed.
  3. @DFranc I am under the impression that the program will continue to extend interviews to students who took the pre entrance in phase 1 well into after the second phase pre entrance exam in January despite being under the specific score they are looking for. You could still be called for an interview once they see the scores from phase 2. I would send an e-mail to the program expressing interest and why you are wanting to go to FIU specifically.
  4. I would suggest sending an e-mail to the program expressing your interest despite your score. They really look at who you. I am not sure how you did but i know they are going to extend some interviews to people with scores lower than the 75 case by case.
  5. Hi everyone. I am a current PA student at FIU. I may have met some of you yesterday, as i was one of the students giving tours. If you have any questions about the program or want any more information, feel free to ask. Good luck to everyone.
  6. Something similar happened to me in college. It was something only my school knew about and they said it would only be on my permanent file where grad schools could see if it happened a second time. I honestly forgot about it when I filed my CASPA last year and I got into 4 programs and no one mention it so I don't think they knew. I wouldn't state it because it is not necessary for them to know or it would be on your final transcript to them if it was. Hope this eases your mind.
  7. You can take an EMT course anywhere and it wont make a difference in you attending UCR. You can take it at a community college, rop, or a private company.
  8. Alternatives for preventive treatment for migraines Verapamil which is a calcium channel blocker Propranolol Amitriptyline Nortriptyline In our clinic with topamax, cognitive fog is the most common side effect with it which we will switched them to a different medication. Some patients only experience this at a higher dose 100mg bid but some at only 25mg qhs.
  9. @jjjggg333 your gre score is much higher than mine and your gpa is higher than mine as well. I am not sure why you were accepted if you did well on the entrance exam. I am sorry and hopefully they can provide you feedback so you can get in next year if this is the school you want.
  10. @jjjggg333 I am not sure what you consider a high gpa or gre score you they score you application based on multiple sections. The pre-entrance exam is worth 15 points, as much as your gpa. So that could have been a big factor if you didn't do so well. The gre is only worth 5 points.
  11. No problem. I think you can be very involved as a PA as long as you show that you want to learn new things. Autonomy is different at hospitals vs private practice. I work in private practice in southern California and PA's are so involved here.
  12. In my practices, they still see and treat their own patients and collaborate on patients, prescribe medications, order tests, interpret MRI's. The same things you would do in other specialties but just neuro based. They give injections. The only thing our PA's don't do is perform EMG or EEG which you ca do if your trained specifically in. But they do give botulinum toxin injections. I am not sure what you specifically want to do in neurology but you can definitely be involved in everything as a PA.
  13. I work right now as in MA for a neurologist and a neurosurgeon and will be attending PA school this fall. One thing to keep in mind if you choose med school is that it is very competitive to get a neuro residency. PA's are heavily utilized in neurology at the last few practices I have been working at. It is something you can always do and find a job in as a PA but if you choose medical school and don't do well on your boards, you may not be able to ever do neurology. As a doctor, you don't have the luxury to choose which field you want to practice in, you have to earn it. Just something to th
  14. Hi. My name is Paige. I have also been looking for other classmates. I am on the facebook page.
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