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  1. Thanks for the helpful responses! My school disburses the loan amount every semester so does that mean that I essentially have 120 days from each semester disbursement date to return the money?
  2. Hi guys! Basically, my father is trying to get the money for tuition through family instead of using loans. Assuming that the money for tuition and housing gets disbursed every semester, what is the proper way to ensure that I do not receive the loan amount per semester when I already accepted the entire loan amount a month ago and school begins shortly? Thank you!
  3. Someone should be receiving a call today! I just sent them an email declining my seat for the upcoming class as I have accepted a seat with another program. Best of luck to you all! I hope one of you receive amazing news soon!
  4. You're right. I guess I just glanced over it and did not see that part. The wording is a bit confusing.
  5. Their FAQ page says they waitlist 50 so I guess that is the correct number.
  6. Apparently, the class is not 100% full yet. I was told that they will send out letters to students in mid-late May about acceptance, waitlist or rejected, which is insane because based on their FAQ on the website, they should have the class seated by May 1st. Not sure what's going on exactly, but surprised about the situation.
  7. Based on their website, they're supposed to reach out with admissions offers by April 1st and have the class fully seated on May 1st. It's just a matter of time now...
  8. I would attach the degree verification to every school on CASPA that allowed me to upload a document. But make sure NOT to submit the application for that school if they want everything to be done at the time of submission.
  9. Same, I interviewed in November and I did not hear anything back either. I think if we call, we can find out the status as the previous poster said but I'm really not sure if that's a good idea...
  10. hi! have you heard anything from LLU yet? I submitted in August too and it's killing me when other school invites are coming in :/

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    2. effiedoesyoga


      holy crap! i wish you the best of luck then! 🙂

    3. FutureYearningPA


      You too! They should be holding interviews in February too...I hope you get one!

    4. effiedoesyoga


      I was declined this week 😕 thank you though. 

  11. Currently waitlisted for an interview as well but I heard that they will get back to us about that before the 26th! Fingers crossed!
  12. Does that mean that the interviews today and tomorrow are the last possible dates for the interview or Jan 26th is specifically for those who interviewed before that date? I heard they go for a while and keep interviewing.
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