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  1. Same, I interviewed in November and I did not hear anything back either. I think if we call, we can find out the status as the previous poster said but I'm really not sure if that's a good idea...
  2. hi! have you heard anything from LLU yet? I submitted in August too and it's killing me when other school invites are coming in :/

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    2. effiedoesyoga


      holy crap! i wish you the best of luck then! 🙂

    3. FutureYearningPA


      You too! They should be holding interviews in February too...I hope you get one!

    4. effiedoesyoga


      I was declined this week 😕 thank you though. 

  3. Currently waitlisted for an interview as well but I heard that they will get back to us about that before the 26th! Fingers crossed!
  4. Does that mean that the interviews today and tomorrow are the last possible dates for the interview or Jan 26th is specifically for those who interviewed before that date? I heard they go for a while and keep interviewing.
  5. Haha no worries, hope you get the interview! Some of us are waiting to hear back about acceptances/rejections from back in August/November
  6. Waitlisted for an interview as well. Crossing my fingers. Let's see what happens! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Congrats! They must have REALLY liked you to have gotten back to you so quick! When did you submit and pay the supplemental fee?
  8. I attended! Here are some points I got. SMU will send interview invites at the end of the month 44 accepted in Oakland, 25 accepted in Fresno 3 interview days in Oakland for both sites No housing for either campus as of now $10-20K for living expenses in the Fresno program... it's more expensive in Oakland Interview 48 candidates on each day so 144 total candidates...so 69/144 people accepted into one of 2 campuses 1 on 1 with 2 diff faculty, group interview with 8 candidates and 3 PA students, and a meeting with chair + 3 candidates. Interview on Saturday (2nd/3rd weekend of January and 2nd/3rd weekend February) Roughly 1600 applications this year Let me know if you got any other questions!
  9. I got the email as well. What I find a bit disturbing is that I submitted on 8/5 before the priority deadline and I am being considered for the next round. Did anyone else get the email, but submit before 9/1?
  10. Has anyone heard back from the interview on 11/20? Or from an earlier interview date? Still waiting for any form of response...thank you!
  11. I paid the supplemental on 9/17 so that was over 2 months ago and I haven't heard anything. Submitted 8/5...
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