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  1. This timeout for posting new threads and even replying to threads is frustrating; It’s too long. If anti-spam is a focus, please implement other strategies (eg capcha) instead of blocking contributors. I would like to contribute to the forum and really would prefer not to spend the little time I have waiting for the timeout. The forum might get more activity. /RANT
  2. Pretty friendly so far! Very underserved in the prescriber realm so help is definitely appreciated.
  3. That's great jumping into psych from the get-go. If I may suggest, try emulating a psych residency. Around a year of medicine then psych galore. Gotta always rule out medical and substance.
  4. Any psych studs have tips/tricks for psych outpt coding?
  5. Thanks for the replies everybody! I would like to start driving our compensation up for vets and newbies alike. My classmate straight out of school pulled a $90/hr outpt cards gig. I was speechless and internally motivated at the same time! If we ALL start demanding higher pay things could happen. The demand for us is up, time for the compensation to follow. Even with all the opportunities for high pay out there, the limiting factors might be seniority benefits, too anchored with commitments in area, negotiating skills. I'm just typing things. Input in greatly appreciated. Anoth
  6. Outpatient, downtown city, five 8hr days, no call, about 9 pt/day for now. Goal is to see ~20/day.
  7. wow! definitely location! I would think that a big city with high cost of living would compensate appropriately. Good thing we're national :)
  8. Yes, but it still pops up at or near the top of google. Comments are at the bottom. I'm assuming the target audience will be in TL;DR mode and just skim the top. Would be nice if they took it down.
  9. http://www.rasmussen.edu/degrees/nursing/blog/rn-vs-physician-assistant-differences/ RN vs PA; This article muddles our profession.
  10. Hey everybody, I know I'm not alone when I believe that the AAPA salary reports seem a bit low. A good way to compare is by stating our specialty, salary/hourly, experience (yrs), state. I found that by jumping over the social barriers of pay discussions I was able to get an idea of what we are worth today. Being that we're on the internet, the anonymity of this forum as opposed to Huddle (AAPA) is definitely beneficial. But the public access is more of a risk. About a year ago I graduated and was probing around here about expected salaries in psych. I appreciated all the feedback
  11. It's still in its baby stages but here's the working (yet, incomplete) website: http://psychpa.com/
  12. thank you for the replies! I took the job. Winter is coming...
  13. no non-compete didn't mention tail coverage or malpractice (will ask) about 20-24 pts a day max no call, M-F, 7 holidays
  14. 5000 semi-monthly No productivity bonus written. They said it'll be 100% transparent and we can work out a bonus system once they see how much I can bring in. I'm the first full-time prescriber that they're hiring so it'll be a learning process for us both.
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