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  1. ^^ Same here! I am shocked that we are hearing back so early! Excited as well!
  2. Thanks for the helpful information GreatChecko! Looking at past cohorts, how many re-applicants vs first time applicants do you think generally get accepted? I was wait listed last cycle and was wondering if that gives me a same or better chance this cycle - given that improvements were made.
  3. Last year I didn't receive the second-level review email until about a month after the initial email. I haven't received the second-level email this year yet, but it's still so early. Hang in there!
  4. Hi! I received an email stating my CASPA application has been received. Does anyone know if I will receive another email confirming my application is complete? My official GRE scores should be delivered to CASPA any day now. Edit: Received confirmation email that application is complete :)
  5. Hi everyone, I will be applying to Emory this upcoming application cycle and have a quick question about the supplemental application- I'm finding it difficult to not repeat a lot of what I wrote for my personal statement in my essay- especially when addressing "what activities and life choices have prepared you to become a PA." Does anyone have any suggestions on how to better differentiate the supplemental essay from the statement of purpose? Is it recommended to draw from experiences not mentioned in the statement, even though they may be less significant, or is it better to emphasize points made in the statement? Any advice is appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  6. Has anyone gotten an official rejection letter yet? I'm waiting to receive mine so I can ask for an application review for next year.
  7. Happy New Year Everyone! I am unfamiliar with the Ft. Myers area and have a few questions regarding clinical rotations- at which hospitals/clinics do most students do their rotations? How common is it for students to travel to bigger cities like Tampa and Orlando for rotations? How far do students usually have to travel for their roations? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
  8. ^ I'm wondering the same. I did inquire about my application in early November and was told that my application is still under review for consideration - and that if I was not considered for an interview, I would get a letter stating so. I submitted my application in June.
  9. Karen was able to tell me that they have not had the occasion to offer seats as deep as I am on the list. Glad to know this information and can start planning on making my application stellar for next year. Was lucky to have the opportunity to interview at UF. Good luck to everyone starting their programs next year!!
  10. Anyone have any experiences/success in finding out if they are "in range" of being accepted off the waitlist? Waitlist letter also encouraged applicants to keep UFs records updated by sending outstanding transcripts/achievements/changes in clinical experiences.... says information will be included in file and referred to when selecting alternates to fill openings- any suggestions on what I can do in the meantime that could qualify as something to update them with? New shadowing experiences or random volunteering events valuable?
  11. I recieved a wait list letter in the mail today as well
  12. Received my interview invite for 11/2-11/3 yesterday!!! To those who applied early- hang in there- I submitted my app in June! :)
  13. Hlj25950 & Crashley- Thanks so much for the feedback! Glad to hear that there may be a chance I hear back something in the next few months. Crashley- Thanks for offering to send info on the Genetics course- I would really appreciate that! Thanks!
  14. Hi Everyone, My supplemental was submitted to NOVA on June 12th. I am completing two outstanding prerequisites this Fall and will complete my last one in the Spring (Orgo). I’m feeling discouraged considering I applied so early and have not heard anything. Does NOVA send any correspondence to students who are not extended an interview? If so, does this happen once interviews are over or when admissions reviews the application and decides not to extend the interview? How have some students heard that their application is on hold/school is waiting for grades? Since I’m on a roll with asking so many questions…. I see that Human Genetics is required for Orlando and Ft. Myers campuses next year- anyone familiar with the course title/numbers they will accept for that. USF’s “Human Genetics” course requires another genetic prerequisite- Just wondering if there’s an appropriate genetics course they will accept that doesn’t require taking an additional class beforehand. Of course I will check with the University, but thought I would ask here too. Thanks in advance for any feedback/advice and congrats to everyone who has been accepted so far!
  15. Thanks Brain, glad to hear they are extending interview invites to students with outstanding prerequisites. I sent in my supplemental in June and am trying to wait patiently.
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