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  1. I'm a current first year student and last year they had about 10 at each session :) good luck to everyone and I look forward to meeting some of you at your interviews! I just wanted to add that a lot of our class was interviewed in January (including myself), so just because you didn't get an early interview invite, doesn't mean you don't have a chance! Good luck and let me know if you have questions.
  2. Thanks for the input @SleekPA! Good luck to you at UF! Any accepted students willing to share when they have to make their decision/pay the deposit? It'd be awesome for some of us on the wait list to have an idea of when things might start moving. Thank you!
  3. @Patrickbaylor thanks for the input! I figure there are a few people making similar decisions to stay closer to home/go to a cheaper school, but as you said, it's hard to pass up Duke. At least I have a spot for me somewhere else if this does not work out. Good luck with whichever you decide to do!
  4. I finally received an email today about my admissions decision! I've been waitlisted, but they apparently tell you your ranking and I'm in the top 10. Does anyone know if the waitlist is utilized much?
  5. I received an email today that I've been tabled. They'll re-review at a final admissions meeting in late January (I'm assuming after this week of interviews is over). Theyll rank tabled candidates, fill any remaining slots in the class, and generate the wait list.
  6. I believe next week are the last interviews! I'm still waiting on a decision...I just interviewed last week.
  7. I believe they said by Dec 31st. And if you don't hear by then to contact the program.
  8. I still haven't heard anything...they're really cutting it close to that Dec. 15th deadline.
  9. I emailed them back on Friday to confirm my interview and haven't heard from them.
  10. Holy cow just got an email to interview on Jan 13th! I was CASPA verified July 8th and got the under review email Sept. 14.
  11. Thanks to Hope for making a fb page :) If anyone wants to join it, PM either of us!
  12. Hi! I have also officially accepted a spot for the class of 2018. Anyone want to start a facebook group or something?
  13. Well, after nearly endless debating with myself, I've decided to cancel my interview. Although this is a great school, I've decided it's just too expensive and I'll be accepting a position at a school about half the price. Good luck to all of you! I hope this opens up a spot for someone else :)
  14. I was wait listed and they called me today to offer a spot! They said they'd email me an official offer tomorrow and I'd have to decide by Monday. I am 95% sure I am attending another program, so my spot will most likely open up, but I'm very excited to have been offered a seat at this awesome program!
  15. Did they offer either of you any later dates? I'm interviewing 12/11 as well, but I'm just wondering if they have any set up for after that or if we're the last ones!
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