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  1. Officially got denied today, no interview but I'm accepted elsewhere so it's alright! Good luck to everyone.
  2. I'm going to be purchasing an iPad soon for my program beginning this summer, and am wondering if people tend to like the Data and WiFi version better or if the WiFi-only version suffices for what you need it for. I also have a laptop and an iPhone, so I'm pretty well connected in general. I know during didactic year I'll most often be in places that have WiFi, but I'm thinking ahead to clinical year and beyond - not sure if I'll appreciate the data option sometime down the road once I'm out working? Thanks for any input!
  3. I agree, Broad Ripple looks like a fun place to be! I'd like to live somewhat close to campus so I can walk/bike in, but I feel like it might be hard to find a nice place close by on short notice. I definitely have to do more searching!
  4. If you're looking for a specific prep material I'd recommend BenchPrep-helped me a lot and it really breaks down everything you need to know.
  5. I am attending! I am coming from Wisconsin, so do not have lots of input on the various areas, but at the NAE I asked a current student where most people live - she said most either live right around campus or out near W 86th Street. I actually grew up as a kid in the W 86th St. area, and although I haven't lived there as an adult (or in the last 15 years!) it does seem like it's still a good place to live. I went and looked around while down there in October and it seems like there's lots of newer apartments that have been built, and it's a little farther out from the city if you're looking for a little more land for your dogs. About a 15-20 minute drive from campus if I remember correctly. Hope this helps a little, if anyone is from the area I'm sure they'll know much more. I'm looking forward to meeting you and everyone else in May! Edit: Also, I asked Erin if they were planning on setting up a FB group/other way to get in touch with people before May, and she said they'll be sending out a class roster at the end of the month. Hopefully more people will be in touch then.
  6. I received a denial email yesterday without an interview. Sad, but I'm accepted to another program so still happy! Good luck to everyone :)
  7. I'm in the same boat, haven't heard anything since the confirmation either.
  8. I agree with wordsworth, Benchprep.com was awesome for me. I'm definitely a DIY person myself but I had limited time when I started studying - only about a month (maybe less, I don't remember exactly) and benchprep was the best tool for studying at my own pace while also making things like flashcards and practice tests for me. I got a pretty high score and it definitely helped me get an interview at the program I've been accepted to. I thought Benchprep in particular did a very thorough job at reviewing math, which I haven't studied in years. Highly recommended!
  9. I received a denial email last week, however I've already been accepted to another program so I'm still happy! Best of luck to all of you, hope you hear soon!
  10. Got an email this morning from Butler saying my admission status had been updated...and I've been accepted! So excited, good luck to everyone still waiting!
  11. I just received a call inviting me to an interview this Saturday as well! So excited!
  12. On the website it says "candidates will be chosen for on-campus interviews in October-January" so I'm guessing we'll start hearing things pretty soon! Still haven't heard anything as of yet.
  13. I also received an email saying I was waitlisted for interviews....I'm also wondering if they say that to everyone or if we're actually on a waitlist? Not sure!
  14. I was verified on 7/22. It might be worth giving them a call or emailing them again, I'm sure they get a lot of emails so they might have just missed your first one.
  15. I have applied here! I haven't sent in the supplemental yet though because I still need to get some more shadowing hours. Haven't heard anything back otherwise :)
  16. bruin_silva_PA, I think that's what is going on with mine as well. I'll try to call CASPA and will post what I find out!
  17. I just decided to take another class this fall and I'm a little confused on the directions for how to use Academic Update..the FAQ says this: Once your application status is “verified,” navigate to the “Coursework” section. Delete any Planned/In Progress terms that are now completed, and re-enter these terms as “completed.” Please note you must have completed ALL of the courses in the term before switching the term’s status to complete. At this time, you may also enter any new planned or in-progress terms. Once you are finished adding all of your new courses, your update is complete. You do NOT need to officially “Submit” this work in order for it to be visible to your programs.\ Where is the "coursework" section? Is it in the academic history/transcript entry area or somewhere else? I feel like I'm missing something :). Thanks!
  18. I also only included a resume for that. :)
  19. Thought I would start this to see if anyone else applied here and to stay updated as people hear things! :)
  20. Jacprepa, Everyone gets an invite to the supplemental :) :/
  21. Just got mine too, good luck all!
  22. Has anyone received an email with the supplemental yet?
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