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  1. I wouldn't say UNC strongly prefers veterans but it certainly does help. If I were you I would still apply to UNC if you are hoping to stay in the area. It's one more chance and if you can afford to apply it wouldn't hurt!
  2. I am looking for preceptors in the Savannah, Ga/Fort Stewart area for my clinical rotations next year. My children and I live in NC right now while my husband is stationed in Savannah at HAAF. We really want to be together again so I am trying to find clinical rotations in the area. ANY help would be great! Looking for: Family Medicine, Surgery, Internal Medicine, Peds, OBGYN, and BH. PA-C, MD, DO, NP- all can be a preceptor :) Thank you!
  3. APK1025- Congrats!! Let me know if you have any questions or need any help!!
  4. AKPA89 and VioletFire- if you guys have any questions let me know!
  5. They have at least attempted to get in touch with all 20 applicants that were choosen, by phone. I think they have one or two weeks to accept or decline and if there are spots open after that they will pull from the waitlist.
  6. They have started to notify applicants if they were accepted!!
  7. Interviews are complete and I think they are trying to make their final decisions this week. I'm not sure if they will contact people this week but I know it should be soon! It was really nice to meet so many of you! Best of luck and I will see some of you in January!
  8. I love the faculty and the campus is beautiful! As for the interviews- they are very different from what they were last year so I can not speak to what kind of questions there will be. My best advice is to think about why you want to become a PA, what motivates you in that aspect, and go through the generic questions they tend to ask at interviews. Practice them out loud and figure out exactly what you want to convey to the panel. Make sure you show them what you could add to the class and what different experiences you bring to the table. I honestly believe you just need to be y
  9. Hi! I interviewed last year and am happy to answer any questions you have. They will be different than they were last year so I can't tell you exactly how they will go but ask away!
  10. They also said that there is no preference for UNC grads vs other applicants.
  11. Correct! They do not offer interveiws until after August 1 and they will most likely offer all of them at the same time because the interviews Will all be in the same week .
  12. I don't know if they give a preference. We have two students who graduated from UNC undergrad.
  13. I did :) if you have any questions let me know!
  14. They don't offer interviews until after their deadline passes.
  15. I got the acceptance call this morning!!! I am so excited!!! I am SO sorry that you guys did not get in :( I was hoping we would all be classmates!
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