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  1. For those of you who were also accepted, have you been able to make a deposit on the MyStar site? I keep getting the same error message, and haven't heard back from the university about what to do next.
  2. Just got the acceptance email, interviewed yesterday morning. So excited to be a part of this program!!
  3. received an interview invite today for Monday, October 26th! very excited to be interviewing here - UTMB is my top choice program. my CASPA was verified August 31st, and my supplemental application was submitted the same day.
  4. @folderol thank you! that actually seems like a really cool way to interview, i'm surprised i haven't seen that elsewhere. @aibae my CASPA was verified 8/31 and i mailed my supplemental application on 9/18. i received my interview invite email on 10/8
  5. Just got my invitation to interview! Very excited! Just a question for anyone who may know: What does a real (not standardized) patient interview entail? I haven't come across one of these in my other interview experiences. Thank you!
  6. Hi all, I just submitted my application for Penn State, & I am excited to get the supplemental application. I have to say, I decided to apply to this school based on the credentials, but also by reading through this thread. I think it's amazing that the students are so involved and have such a passion for the program that you get on here, answer our questions, give advice, and have nothing but great things to say about the Penn program! I'm excited to continue the application process, & I hope to get to meet some of you at interviews!
  7. Hi, second-time applicant here, looking for ideas on how to get Health Care Experience/ Patient Care Experience. Last year I applied with about 800 hours of patient care experience, which I thought was a respectable amount for an undergraduate student who was working to pay their way through school. I'm looking to make my application more competitive for this year. Anyone care to share how their got their hours? Thank you!
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