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  1. From what I understand, putting down the deposit only secures the seat, but there is no commitment. However if you do choose to attend another school you will most likely lose the deposit. However I would definitely inquire with Touro just to make sure.
  2. Got my acceptance letter yesterday around 4:30, definitely excited to be part of this great opportunity! good luck everyone!
  3. Hey we definitely did interview together. Hope the trip back after the snow wasn't thatbad. still haven't heard anything back yet either. I'm considering maybe reaching out to them and inquiring.
  4. hey everyone who had interviews on the 25th of january, hang in there! We should be getting responses soon
  5. Hi everyone, I'm currently debating whether I should still apply for LIU this cycle given that they do rolling admissions. Would you guys still recommend it this late into the cycle?
  6. Although the deadline is in december for applications, would it be advisable to still apply to PCOM considering it is rolling admissions?
  7. @futurebrooklynpa I'm on the same boat as you, just want to let you know alot of program deadlines do not require for your CASPA application to be verified. as mentioned above, some only require e-submition, or CASPA recieving a complete application. Make sure to check the CASPA deadline website and look for the different colors that correspond to different type of deadlines
  8. the same thing is happening to me, 3 of my transcripts took 5-6 days each, and my last one its been 10 days already. Can anyone let us know how long it took them for their transcripts to arrive and be processes by CASPA? this is seriously stressing me out as i have 4 applications already submitted and waiting for verification with october 1st deadlines
  9. it really depends on the rest of your application. If the GRE might be the deciding factor at some of the schools you are interested in then yes retake it. As far as I know the GRE isn't that heavily prioritized for most schools in comparison to your letter of recs, HCE, GPA, PS, etc. However some schools do have a recommended cutoff grade for the GRE, so that might be one of the few problems with a low Analytical Writing Grade. Best of luck!
  10. is Desale's admission rolling? I was under the impression the application deadline was december 1st.
  11. 2 years of surgical assistant and scribe at a gastroenterology office/endoscopy center. also did about 3 months of receptionist work
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