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  1. I got asked that when I applied last year (in school now, 2nd year)... I'm not sure, but I think they want to get a range of where you really want to live and if you're serious about their program/area.
  2. I didn't read anyone else's comments, but my impression is that she probably didn't think you were serious about the job position. As, it is a "stepping stone" to your career. They were just trying to find a way to let you go without blatantly saying that. When I told my boss I was accepted to PA school, I gave her 3 months notice. She was so mad... She wrote me up the next day! Too bad, I'm in my second year of PA school now and loving every minute of it. :) Don't let this get you down! You're going to be a great PA! Just don't let your shadowing experience interfere with your work hours... Try to shadow by networking other physicians (not work ones). Just to be clear lol. That will avoid this in the future and best of luck!!
  3. Hi there, I would suggest getting certified as an EMT, CNA, scribe, X-ray technician, paramedic, etc. and working while you take more classes to bring up your GPA. Shadowing isn't considered "patient contact"; its considered shadowing. Every applicant you're up against will have similar shadowing experiences. That's just the applicant pool you're going against. It's extremely competitive. When you apply on CASPA, I'm pretty sure you have to divide all of your hours on CASPA based on "shadowing", "volunteering", "employment", "patient contact", etc. I applied last year, so feel free to correct me if those aren't the right labels, but that's what I can recall, so just be prepared to have a lot of experience in all of those areas. Patient contact obviously worth the most, especially over research. Research shows them you're smart, but patient contact shows them you have medical experience, you're capable of taking care of patients (i.e. what you're applying to do). As for your GRE question, over 300 is preferred to get your application looked at. There are some schools that don't take GRE if you wanna try applying to those or you can retake it. Its easier to bring it up the second time, as I took the GRE three times :)
  4. If they're strong letters of recommendation, they should be okay.. But the one where you only worked with them for 40hrs won't be weighed as highly as the others and they won't care about the previous employer unless it was in medicine. I would wait until you've had more hours to apply. Having the experience gives you exposure that makes it easier to learn in didactic.
  5. Haha the whole process of becoming a PA is tedious and challenging. Just look it up! It only takes a couple hours.
  6. This intervention could've been done by me as a CNA. They could do better than that! Ha
  7. I would go buy a dress with long sleeves, personally. But its your decision!
  8. Haha yes, rest before school starts and make sure you're all settled into your new place. :)
  9. So proud of your hard work and dedication! It'll surely show in your work ethic going forward. Congratulations!!!!
  10. First year student here! Let me know any questions that you have and I will answer as soon as I can. :) Congratulations to those who received interviews! This is an amazing program.
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