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  1. For those who have been accepted or are in review what was your take on the Meridian and Pocatello campus? I only had the opportunity to see the Caldwell campus.
  2. Hey AshleyHesher, no I had an interview in December and was immediately accepted. I just was waiting to hear back from other schools before I made the decision to accept the offer.
  3. Is there a Midwestern University AZ facebook page? I received a RMU invite. Thanks !!!
  4. Recently accepted! So excited, can someone please send me the FB link ??
  5. How does the alternate list work? Is there a ranking that we are put in that will give us a general idea of where were at?
  6. I am interviewing December 11th and am super excited for the opportunity! Does anyone have advice for the interview or what they are especially looking for in their candidates. This is my top choice and any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  7. Received notification that I am on the alternate list! Does anyone know how likely it is to be pulled from the alternate list ?
  8. I just got an interview invite.. If i choose a December date would most of the class be filled or would I still have a solid chance of admittance? Thanks!!
  9. I haven't heard anything yet! I'm hoping that hopefully they'll send out a call or an email tommorrow??
  10. I just got my interview invitation! However the open spots are only for December 2nd and January 13th. Are all of the slots already going to be filled by this time?
  11. My heart thunders in my chest and my breathing becomes more labored as I reach mile three, only half a mile left to go. The muscles in my legs are begging me to stop, “QUIT” they say, “Just give up”. Yet, I must keep moving forward, focusing on putting one foot in front of the other. Despite the pain I keep progressing, and am rewarded when the finish line hovers in my line of site. This is it! With the last ounce of strength I sprint thru the finish and cross the line victorious. Running throughout my life has done more than serve as an outlet, or keep me focused . It has taught me that a
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