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  1. Like UGoLong said: The important thing is to understand the disease process and the treatment and why it does what it does. You will NEVER be able to memorize everything. Grades are important (kinda) but being a competent provider is more important. Will you recognize the disease and know how to treat it? Don't learn for the sake of testing. Learn so you can better take care of your future patients. Nothing makes me crazier than my classmates who ask, "is this going to be on the test?"
  2. @Gordon, PA-C It's not how we are going to do it. We did it. We targeted patients who were uninsured and high utilizers of EMS and ED. They were referred to us by primary care, the ED and by EMS workers. We made contact with the pt and visited them in their homes. We helped connect with with a medical home, assisted with transportation, and did medication management. So much navigation of the complicated and fragmented healthcare system we have here in the US. We had access to a prescription assistance program and did LOTS of education. I was partnered with a LCSW as well. We did have some EMS patients who were Medicare/Medicaid. They were easier to work with because so much of it was educating them on the resources they have available.
  3. I was a Community Paramedic for 3 years prior to my life as a PA student. I took a semester of primary care classes and did 170 hours of clinicals with the Residents in Internal and Family medicine and in the specialty clinics with the internal medicine program (Cards, Endo, GI, Pulm etc). With hours with practitioners and nurses in home health, wound care, hospice, palliative and peds. Our program was a partnership between the hospital system and EMS system. We were grant funded for 2 years and then the county took over our pay. The hospital provided offices. We obtained grants to buy vehicles that are maintain and owned on paper by the county. We worked within the Accountable Communities group at the hospital. Our target was the uninsured patients which are NOT the cash cows of the ED. It was highly successful and still continues to be today (I wish I could share data but it's not yet published). With the new ET3 that CMS has approved I see (and hope) that there will be more practitioners involved in programs like this. And the hospitals can still make money while patients are getting better treatment. https://naemsp.org/home/news/emergency-triage,-treat-and-transport-model-(et3)/ My dream job is to work with a Community Paramedic program as a PA seeing patients in their homes. I don't see the need to another masters in medicine as PA seems like a natural progression for a lot of paramedics. If you want to continue patient care there is no upward ladder in EMS.
  4. @mnn804 Yes. Because technically the summer semester was still part of the 18/19 school year. The "new" school year doesn't start until August!
  5. I would stay at your job. It may be low-paid but it's healthcare and got you into school so hopefully you can continue to learn from it. I left my job a month ahead of time and traveled for a little over 2 weeks. Then just took some time to chill and move (only 2 hours away).
  6. Ok. Makes sense we kept talking as I posted this and this was the conclusion we came up with. Glad to see it validated.
  7. Can someone explain why pulse pressure is narrowed in mitral regurg. I've found some contradicting information and I'm having trouble wrapping my head around the physiology of it. Thanks!
  8. And that is the root of the problem. We should but we can't and we do all of our patients a disservice by not addressing these issues. So I hope these issues continue to be taught in hope that someday we can fix our medical system and address the whole patient. The main thing my time as a Community Paramedic instilled in me is the fact that illnesses don't occur in a vacuum and neither should the practice of medicine.
  9. It had been a while since I'd been in school and my program director had me study Harrison's. Its kind of expensive but much more detailed than PPP plus it gives you experience reading medical texts. He told me the first topics that we were covering in Clin Med and those are what I focused on. I also got the book "Pathophysiology Made Ridiculously Simple" which was a great review of physio with some pertinent path in it. PPP is designed as a review for AFTER you have learned about the disease process.
  10. @Boatswain2PA https://www.cdc.gov/climateandhealth/effects/default.htm Not to mention my 10 second google search yielded plenty of peer reviewed articles are specific disease processes.
  11. That's fine for the catch and release aspect of the ED. But in primary care you CAN'T treat the homeless hooker, like the abused kid, like the underserved housewife like the football player. And if you don't have some understanding of the social determinants of health care you will fail as a provider.
  12. The massive quantities of alcohol needed to make the hurt stop .
  13. There is an active topic on this on the Financial Aid forum. First round of credit checks has gone through.
  14. @Amilah124 There were only 6 people at my interview in December. I hear that the other ones were much larger (15-20ish). I don't think they have a plan of how many people they accept at each interview- it just depends on how many they like I guess. I did bring my partner with me for the interview. He had a lot of time to ask questions and talk to current students and other interviewees. Most people at my interview had a family member and were from driving distance. I feel like the people that didn't had to fly in. I don't think it will have any bearing on your interview at all. Ballad Health recently merged and that has affected our clinicals some. Some second years are having to drive an hour for their rotations ( like to Johnson CIty and Bristol). There are plenty that are much closer as well. The preceptors we have had in the past have all loved precepting E&H students are coming back and asking for more! Housing isn't that hard to come across. The School of Health Sciences has caused a huge uptick of new apartments. They are actually working on some new apartments right now right across from campus. I live downtown and had my choice of options. Housing is very reasonable. If you are in a position to purchase you can find a lot of single family homes for under 100K.
  15. @CaliOne Are you bilingual? This sounds like an amazing position by my Spanish is poor at best. I think with more exposure/immersion I could pick it back up but for now that's where I'm at.
  16. I got a call before I even got back to my AirBnb after my interview.
  17. Maybe consider doing a residency for a year out of graduation and then move to Okinawa.
  18. Hey everyone. I'm a current student (PAS-1 so I'm just finishing my first semester). I'd be happy to answer any questions either on the public forum or via PM. I couldn't be happier in my choice of coming to this program.
  19. Mine has not been checked. I was one of the people who forgot to put my name and SS number on top of all of my documents so let that be a warning for everyone next year!! I have years of relative experience working with underserved communities so I feel like I would have made it through the initial screening if I hadn't messed this part up.
  20. I'm 40 and sitting in class in my first semester of PA school. My undergrad is in Environmental Studies. I did wildland fire fighting, horse logging, trail crews, trained and showed horses professionally. Then I got into the medical field as a vet tech and then a phlebotomist. I learned about EMS and jumped into that with 2 feet. I spent 10 years in EMS and Community Paramedicine and applied to school last year. Yeah, I'm the oldest in the class but I am loving every minute of it. Sometimes I wish I had decided this is what I wanted to do when I was 18 but I never would have had the amazing life experiences that I am bringing with me. My journey will make me a better PA.
  21. If she was doing such a great job for the past 8 years why did they shit can her?
  22. I got my bachelors in 2002 and I am a first year now (20K+ hours of PCE). I went through all of the schools in my area and applied to 6 of them that did not have time limits on classes. There are a good number of schools out there that will take your old classes. It's a tedious process. I'd be happy to share the ones in the SE that I found if you are interested in that area.
  23. I don't know if it really matters but I listed all of mine. I'd be out of school for a while so I didn't have any honors or shit like that to post so I posted what I could.
  24. Some private schools may have a policy of accepting local students. Just read websites and check it out.
  25. I sent it to my program manager and she filled it out for me.
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