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  1. Has anyone been notified if they were placed on a waitlist from the Jan 13th interview?
  2. I have not heard any news for applicants on the waitlist
  3. I am in the same position. Western is my top pick but still keeping my fingers crossed.
  4. I am wondering about the format of the interview as well. See you guys on Jan 13th!
  5. Hello guys! Just to make sure, the interview is conducted at their edinburg campus and not brownville right?
  6. I intend to do so just in case. Best wishes to all!
  7. just got the interview invite! will anyone be staying at the courtyard by marriott?
  8. I received the graduate studies application as well but did not interview. I just called the administration office but she was not able to give me a clear answer as to why the applications were sent or clarify if their application process has changed. She just said that I should fill it out anyhow. If anyone has emailed the school, please share their response! I don't want to spend more money if there is a slim chance left....
  9. Can anyone please tell me what term are we suppose to select for the supplemental application? Is it Summer 2016 or Fall 2016. I do know that they start mid August. Thanks!
  10. Yes we have to fill out the institutions attended but I believe not the resume because that is only for nursing students. You can read about it more specifically on their webpage.
  11. For USC Supplemental App, do I list Spanish 2 that I am planning to take for Spring 2016?
  12. Not until their deadline has passed so no rolling admissions is what I have been told
  13. did anyone preview their supplemental app before submitting? I don't see my answers regarding questions about rewards, work experience..etc on preview pdf...
  14. Hi, I was just wondering how lengthy was your response to the supplemental question? Is it suppose to be a formal essay like the personal statement or a just a sufficient paragraph?
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