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  1. Hey thank you for your response! I am not opposed to rural work at all, however my lifestyle right now seems like it would require a larger city. My experience here in NY working with the underserved is exactly how you described too so I get what you are saying. I actually prefer rural living too. But the things tying me to a city are my interests and socializing. I am a single male and have a lot of interests and hobbies. I also feel having big hospital experience would be be better for resume building than small office but I could be wrong there.
  2. And thats not even my biggest concern right now. Its hard or near impossible to do a lot of things here that I could easily do growing up in Southern California.
  3. It seems there is a lot of jobs here in New York. But I don’t want to live here.
  4. Residency is definitely an option however I would much rather take a job in a hospital if possible. I also may be able to work in a family practice that is owned by a close family friend temporarily as I try to move to a different state. But I would really like to know the job market of Las Vegas
  5. I am graduating in August and i’m looking to move to a different state. For my first job I am looking for a position that encompasses all aspects of medical care to really solidify my knowledge and build a good skill base. Fields like primary care, hospital medicine, and emergency would be productive first jobs for me. I like certain specialties as well like cardio, endocrine, and psych but don’t want to pigeonhole my knowledge. Can anyone shed some light on what the job market looks like in Las Vegas right now?
  6. If you were part of the hiring process, what would you be looking for in a potential psych PA? What would you recommend to a PA student who is interested in psych? What setting do you work? Do psych PAs ever work within the prison system or with the criminally insane? I have read that only 1% of PAs end up in psych.
  7. I have a car right now but it is in California.
  8. for those accepted what is your living plans? I am from California and have only been to New York for the interview and left soon after. Will you plan to have a car? How much is a master bedroom or studio apartment? Is it better to commute a few minutes or try to live right next to campus?
  9. If I were to be offered an interview at the other schools I would rather attend, would it be wise to tell them that I have been accepted by another school? I want to display my desire to attend without coming off as arrogant. The other two schools have a higher PANCE and are in a much better location for me.
  10. Met one during an interview with a school I had but never got a chance to ask what a PA does in Endocrinology.
  11. What are your daily tasks? What do you do most frequently? What procedures do you do the most and least?
  12. So what is a day like in primary care? What are the most frequently performed repsonsibilities, duties, and procedures/skills?
  13. that all makes sense. but what if i submit an application without the in progress course listed even though i am enrolled in the course? In order to have the in progress course listed i would need CASPA to re-verify that transcript. or if i take it at a different community college i will have to wait for them to verify that transcript.
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