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  1. Every time I look on this forum and sees a new post... my hearts skips a beat. "Oh no they all got an invite and I didn't." Looks like we're waiting after Christmas :(
  2. Nothing so far than the generic email that they have received my application. We may not hear until late December :(
  3. I believe so. I saw they updated their website after the October 1st deadline stating the amount of applications received may steer them behind of their scheduled timeline. Enjoy your break guys, and happy thanksgiving!!
  4. I'm in Ohio and I wish I can go to this talk. So excited that SMU are holding these kind of discussions!
  5. Would you share with us the email they sent you regarding to be placed in the waitlist?
  6. Anyone went to the open house yesterday? Any info would be awesome!!
  7. Did anyone that applied last year received the "you're considered for next round interviews" at all? Maybe they've rearranged the wording instead using the word "waitlist"? Just another thought.
  8. Nothing at all for me either. With only 26 students, they're going to be VERY specific on who they invite for interviews. The new PA at my work graduated from a small class size too. She said the program was so picky on who to invite, and held interviews until May because most people were already accepting other offers. At this rate, who knows what they're going to do.
  9. Nothing from them yet. I don't think anyone has received anything from the program as of this thread. Getting pretty anxious since they altered so much of their program.
  10. Congratulations! I would never think I would hear from a school on a Saturday, but that's great to know!!
  11. Finally received a response back, and no go on my application because of my physiology course (first one was in 2010 and second one was 1 credit off). Naisha was very helpful on figuring out why and whatnot, very quickly too. Please don't hesitate on emailing her if you do get that awful email. It may not be because you're a poor candidate, which is such a relief!! My fault for not rechecking everything 5x, hope you guys will hear good news soon!!
  12. I'm guessing they weren't very specific in the beginning explaining their requirement for having the bachelor degree prior to applying. I hope this helps.
  13. Anyone verified in mid-late July received any other interview invites?
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