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  1. I was invited today to interview on 7/14! Anyone know if it's a group or individual interview?
  2. @qqiu1 and @Blalvara12 would you guys mind sharing your stats and when you submitted your application? Just trying to get an idea of where I stand! Thank you and CONGRATS to you both!!
  3. I was wait listed back when I interviewed in January and have not heard anything back yet either.... I think that may be a good thing though. I know a girl who was waitlisted and a month or so ago she was called and told she would not be getting accepted. So maybe no news means we still have a chance haha
  4. SAME! I haven't gotten an email yet but I'm praying that I will! I figured the next round of interviews would probably be coming out early this week right? Since they went out last Tuesday morning and then apparently they were given 72 hours to respond, I'm assuming the admissions committee would take today and maybe tomorrow to meet and reevaluate who to send interviews out to next? I may have this completely wrong haha but just taking a guess on how the process works
  5. Hi! Just wondering if anyone has been offered an interview yet? I received an email on 5/27 saying that my application was complete and being sent to admissions for review and that the PA Admissions Committee is currently processing applications. So just curious if anyone has heard anything after that?!
  6. I know they said early June would be when we would be getting emails about interviews. Assuming early June would mean this week correct?! Or maybe this week or next week? AHH anxiously waiting!!!
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