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  1. Just received my letter of acceptance! I am so excited!!!!!!!!
  2. Thank you! I'm just sitting here refreshing my email like a mad woman hahahah. Nothing yet, so my guess is waitlist.
  3. Interviewed yesterday. Had a good time and I really loved the school! Hoping I get an acceptance or a waitlist spot. If you were in the morning interview yesterday, hopefully we met! Really great candidates across the board!
  4. Thanks!!! So, im guessing that the first 3 interviews were probably single sessions judging from what I've read.... So, I'm guessing that they've interviewed about 315ish people to date... and another 70 on 11/07... So I'm guessing about 385 total interviews for 90 spots. so if you get an interview, you have a 1 in 4 chance of getting accepted outright before the waitlist (my math is obviously not perfect and im simplifying to a certain extent but you get my drift...) I'll definitely let yall know if the 11/07 interview is a double session.
  5. bp07, how many applicants were there on the 10/24 interview? was it a double interview?
  6. Congrats bp07! Hoping to get good news late next week, or at least a waitlist notification! I can't renew my lease until I know what's going on lol
  7. It's the last round of interviews from what I understand, but I believe there are still spots open.
  8. Oh wow. I'm really going to have to be on top of my game then!!! Congratulations!!! Thank you!!!
  9. Is this just due to the number of applicants drastically increasing? Or perhaps they have more spots available? Or both?
  10. Does UTMB send out rejection emails? lol... I'm wondering if I'm in the "no" pile and they are just being nice about it hahah.
  11. I just heard back this morning that my app is still being processed... I'm kind of frustrated that there are people who completed everything after me that already have interview invites.... there's not much incentive to complete the application early if they are just going to go out of order :/
  12. I've been complete since early August and have yet to hear whether or not my app is under review... sooooo.... I just sent a follow up email. I knew it'd be a long shot in the first place that I'd even get an interview, but I'd like to know that my app was at least reviewed....
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