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  1. I just received my secondary application as well! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Last year Augsburg did not contact anyone for an interview until October.
  3. I received it earlier today, but I could not read the email and respond until I left work.
  4. I just received my interview for September 26! I am thrilled and so grateful for this opportunity! :)
  5. I contacted the admissions office this morning and they do NOT send out an email saying that they received both CASPA/ suppl. The only email they send out is the one after you've submitted and paid for your supplemental saying "This is to confirm that the program has received your email, and will be in touch!"
  6. I received the same message when i submitted my supplemental. However, I never received an email saying that they had both my CASPA and supplemental with a complete status.
  7. Yes, I completed the supplemental May 29 and my application status for NWU was Complete as of June 15.
  8. Yes it was under CASPA- Program Materials- Stony Brook. I can only assume that because of the brand new CASPA portal that the link has never been located their before this year, but I am very appreciative of your assistance.
  9. Thank you so much for telling me that it was on the CASPA page. After reading StonyBrooks PA page it seemed like a link to pay and fill out the supplemental would be emailed to me, not that I would have to go back into my CASPA application.
  10. When did you receive your supplemental/ when was your CASPA verified?
  11. booker9, I recieved that same email, and I also paid the fee yesterday and submitted my GRE score over a month ago to them.
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