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  1. Nothing in the mail and no phone call. I'm assuming from the email that I am wait listed and will officially be notified by January. Probably not notifiing interviewees of wait list status until they have received down payments for the 30 students accepting positions.
  2. I will be there for the morning session this Saturday! Coming from Michigan!
  3. Yeah I couldn't find the old one either! Interviewing the 14th coming from Michigan!
  4. They already sent a rejection email?! That seems too fast! Sorry to hear. I'm still waiting to hear back, Mine was sent a couple days after yours.
  5. I've talked to the school and they claim there is no ranking and when a seat becomes available the interview faculty get together and choose someone. They also don't release how many people they have on the wait list. They give no information at all lol. But I do know in past years they had many people taken from the wait list and next years graduating class president was pulled from the wait list a week before classes started. I hate the waiting!
  6. I am currently on the wait list for Miami shores. I plan on applying again if I am not accepted. I may. It find out about acceptance until August. Do I go ahead and apply again before I find out?! I don't know how this works! Lol any input would be appreciated.
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