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  1. I don't know much about Texas but that offer seems a bit low. Working in psych is very lucrative, I've seen indeed job postings for PAs $100-$125/hr in SoCal.
  2. Hi! I'm a PA in SoCal and I've recently seen an increase in the need for PAs/NPs at COVID testing sites! I would like to know if any of you have an idea of a fair hourly rate when it comes to working at these sites? There are companies who are offering APPs $125/hr to deploy to different locations to help hospitals in need during this crisis. While I don't think the COVID-19 testing jobs are of the same acuity and stress level as treating COVID+ patients in a hospital setting, I do think there is still some associated risk that should be adequately compensated. Most of these positions in
  3. Hey everyone!! Hoping to get some insight on my offer for a position at a Level II trauma center in SoCal. I worked with this group of surgeons as a student so I know it would be an excellent learning environment and tons of good exposure. My time will be split weekly, working in trauma + gen surgery one week and strictly in ICU the next. Training will include running traumas, first assist, various procedures, ICU and vent management, etc. No surgery residents. They currently have 3 NPs and 1 PA and are looking to expand. Base salary at $110k. Hours/call: 40hr/week, leaving pr
  4. What are you all’s thoughts on completing a residency that is not ARC accredited?
  5. Those of you who were accepted, are you planning to attend Charles Drew?
  6. For those who interviewed 10/17, have you all heard anything yet?
  7. Thank you Rev Ronin and EMEDPA!! Has anyone ever worked with CompHealth or Staffcare and would like to share their experience?
  8. Hello all, I was recently accepted into PA school :):) and I am already thinking of possible paths to take once I finish school. I really like the idea of traveling all over the country as a practicing PA and gaining experience in a variety of settings. I've heard of a travel nurse and all of the benefits, but is there a such thing as a "travel PA"? I've done some research on this topic and I seem to come across "locum tenens" positions a lot, but is this similar to what a travel nurse does, in terms of working with traveling companies, having a lot of options and negotiation in t
  9. Received an interview invite for Oct 17th as well! Can't wait!
  10. For those with interviews, congrats! When did you all submit the CASPA and supplemental?
  11. No there is no supplemental application. I called to ask last week.
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