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  1. How many additional credits did you take for your science GPA to go up by 0.5?
  2. At first you don't but then in the last paragraph you do address the question but I felt it needed more of that. To show what that experience taught you about the profession and not necessarily about yourself. Also, I cringe every time I read "I later found out that this man was a physician assistant" in a personal statement or supporting document. And I feel like you needed to delve more into the "how it has shaped your interest."
  3. PA school is off the table for me. My GPA as per CASPA is cum 3.14 and sci 2.44. There is no coming back from that one. It's pretty devastating especially to know there is no chance for redemption. It is going to be excruciatingly difficult to let go. I can't imagine what else I can do in my life that will feel as fulfilling as what I knew a career as a PA could be or would have been for me. I know some people do post-baac programs and re-apply but it takes more than 1 or 2 years to raise a GPA even 0.3 or 0.5 points higher. I heard some people end up applying to medical school in the Caribbean. But I don't want to be a physician. I wonder what kind of career paths others have chosen from here.
  4. Wow. I'm so glad online forums like this exist.
  5. Ok I'm starting to get a little confused here. I work as an MA for a GI, but what I do is, call the patient to the room, get the vitals and histories, report to the MD, and then act as scribe for him (we type) and d/c pt. We see close to 40 a day, but pushed to see 50 and even 60. I'm applying this cycle for PA school and what I'm told is seeing 60-65 patients a day is normal. But I'm reading on here people saying 20 is enough. Is this really what the patient load is supposed to be like as a PA?
  6. Submitted: 7/31 Completed: 8/17 Verified: Still Waiting Extremely nervous!
  7. Is applying to programs not in CASPA a bad thing? Are they generally lower quality programs or is that not true?
  8. We use Amazing Charts at our practice. It's VERY simple and user friendly. Sometimes it's too simple (like it doesn't have the capability of telling you what time a patient checks in and how long they've been waiting--like eClinical Works does, which I've used as well). I like that about eClinical but other than that I found it to be too complex. We have also used Practice Fusion and I do not like that it is web-based and also much less user friendly than what we have now.
  9. Is getting a 4th letter of rec or evaluation from a non-health care provider co-worker of mine an advisable thing to do? We interact many times on a day to day basis and I helped train this person when they first started.
  10. Thank you. I took out that paragraph after you and others's comments. I feel uncertain about writing a paragraph about why PA specifically versus MD or nursing. I was attracted to it for many reasons but I don't think any of the reasons would be reasons not to go into MD or nursing. So I shy away from talking about it because I'm not sure it will be genuine. I like seeing patients. I like getting thorough histories and being part of the diagnostic process. I like founding out what's wrong and helping to really treat them and be there for the treatment. I like the relationship between PA and MD. I enjoy being part of that team. I'm afraid of saying that and someone telling me that, that's not what being a PA is about and that I need more experience to find out what it's about
  11. Thank you for your time, Topsy. About the asterisk regarding the anecdote, do you mean I should elaborate on what that means in the big picture?
  12. I posted mine on here just now in this part of the form with title "With a flash of light the city below me was illuminated." Would love your opinion. Thanks!
  13. I grew up mainly in the US actually. That incident happened in '06 during one of our frequent visits I'm wondering what else I can say during the last paragraph. I feel like it needs more reflection
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