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  1. My stats class was Intro to Statistics and I was accepted. Hope this helps! Good luck!!
  2. Yay!!!!!! Congratulations!! I wonder why they sent mine in the mail?!?
  3. Yes, it was certified and postmarked on 12/3. I am 2.5 hours away from UND, so I'm sure many of you farther away will get yours on Monday! Good luck everyone!!!
  4. I just got my acceptance letter in the mail!!!!!! I am over the moon!!!!!!!!!
  5. I still haven't heard anything. I'm sorry to hear that CardioK and Sarah. Don't give up though, I'm sure you will get in next year.
  6. Oh my gosh, it could be any day now!! I think I am both, excited and scared! Let us know if anyone gets word from UND! Good luck everyone!
  7. I can't believe next week is already December. We are getting so close to knowing our PA school fate for the year! I am already anxiously checking my mail each day on my way home from school.
  8. Me too!! It has been over a month since my interview and I am sooooo anxious to find out if I am in or not!
  9. I am also preparing for the rejection, but really hoping for the acceptance! I wouldn't give up hope though because I'm sure it takes a while to go through and set up interviews with all the preceptors. I am definitely hoping that we all get good news soon. When did Jamie hear about the preceptor interview?
  10. That is a great sign for Track 1, because we were told (unofficially) that they only interview the preceptors of the applicants they plan on accepting.
  11. No! I am going crazy thinking about it! Track 1 applicants should be our best indicator on the timeline because they will be notified about setting up an interview time with their preceptor. I am Track 2, so I just have to keep waiting until the letters go out!!!
  12. Hi MPL! Thanks for joining the conversation! Could you give us a snapshot of what your first semester consisted of? For example, how many hours a day/week did you spend watching lectures, studying, etc? Also, how does testing work?
  13. I had mixed feeling right after the interview. I'm sure you know how that is! It was a mixture of being relieved that I made it through, nervous that they liked me, confused about if I answered all of their questions fully, a bit intimidated by all the amazing candidates, and hopeful that I would be coming back in May! The two and a half hour drive home was tough because I kept going over my answers, so when I got home I sat down and wrote down all the questions they asked and how I answered them. After doing that I decided that I answered them all exactly how I wanted to answer them and I wouldn't have changed any answers if I could. The one thing I am still insecure about is that they didn't ask me questions about my strengths, I didn't totally get a chance to showcase my strengths. On the other hand, they addressed my weaknesses and I was able to explain those and spin them into future strengths. The wait for acceptance/rejection is treacherous!!! How many people were in your interview group? Did they still tell you mid-December for decisions?
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