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  1. I’m sure this was standard for every interview, but the commitment deadline I had was 10 days from the offer of admission.
  2. Also got the email a few days ago that I was waitlisted for an interview. In any case, I've accepted elsewhere, but many good vibes and luck to those waiting for an acceptance!
  3. Just got the email that reads “your application is being considered for our next round of interviews. The final decision in regards to an invitation to interview will be sent in mid-December. “
  4. Just got an email this morning to interview, however I’ve already been accepted elsewhere so I won’t be scheduling the interview. Hope it goes to someone else! Good luck to those still interviewing!
  5. Same here. Thought it was a weird response to get... but in any case I've been accepted elsewhere! Congrats to everyone accepted already
  6. I was told that interviews continue into early next year. Not sure if there is a December interview group, but I was told interviews are conducted until March.
  7. Received an email on 9/23 with invitation to interview, but couldn't schedule until January. I have gotten accepted to another school already and have another interview in 2 weeks, so I'll likely be canceling my interview slot soon. Good luck to everyone!
  8. I had gotten placed on the upper portion of the alternate list and a few days later got the call I was accepted. Excited to meet you all in January!
  9. Hi All, Submitted CASPA app on 7/9. Submitted supplemental in early August (don't have the exact date). On 9/25 I received an email that my application was ready to review. On 10/22 I received an invite to interview on 11/9. I have accepted admission to another program, but definitely interviewing at USC to see if I feel it's a better fit. Good luck to everyone!
  10. Hello! I submitted my application on 6/28 and was emailed on 8/12 for an interview invitation on 9/6. Good luck to everyone interviewing!
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