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  1. Rejected last week., too bad. Good luck everyone!
  2. Thanks Timon! Definitely a great way to learn about other cultures, diseases, therapies, etc. And, as you said, bring some help to those in need. win-win
  3. @Timon, Is anyone in your class doing International rotations? And would you recommend doing one? Thanks!
  4. And I was so ready to call shotgun if I get accepted. Hahahaha!
  5. A second Mobile Clinic! :) http://tun.touro.edu/touro-university-nevada-celebrates-grand-opening-of-expanded-student-affairs-division-with-announcement-of-new-student-scholarships-and-second-mobile-clinic-to-serve-community/
  6. Hello Kiseri, So sorry for the late reply. I will be staying at a friend's place about 20 mins from the school, but i'll be there for the weekend. I'm flying from the East Coast on Saturday. How about you?
  7. I listed it as HCE because I do phlebotomy, EKGs, check vitals, dispense meds. identify AEs, SAEs, etc,. I also worked at a lab for the same unit but I listed that as research since I had very little patient interaction.
  8. Hi Timon, Are you going to be there on 8/11?
  9. Hey, I'll be there August 11! Michael told me there will be about 15 people in our group.
  10. Submitted: May 7th Marked Completed: May 10th Verified: 5/18/15
  11. Good luck to all of us applying this cycle.! I submitted my CASPA on the 10th and I'm still waiting for verification.
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