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  1. Anyone know where to get the electronic pdf of this book? I bought the book and love it but would also love to have it electronically for when I don't have my book with me. Pance Prep Pearls by Dwayne A. Williams. Thanks in advance for any input!
  2. My interview e-mail came to me around the end of August or beginning of September for an interview at the end of September....acceptance call 4-5 days after the interview. Good luck everyone! Tough, but exciting process!
  3. I just got my acceptance call for Seattle class of 51!!! So excited!
  4. Bummer, I just read where we had to submit the grad app by Sept. 1 also to be considered. I missed that and never heard from them, so assumed all my materials were in. This stinks.
  5. Wow, we have to wait until December to even hear about an interview?! That's a long time a way... :/
  6. Got the "application criteria met" email today...anyone else? It said it can take several weeks before receiving another status update... the waiting game is so hard!
  7. Ahh bummer. I'm sorry. When was your app complete? I just got the 8wk completion email today...
  8. submitted and complete on 7/10, and verified today, 7/25!!! yay!!
  9. I completed my app July 10th, and it is still being verified as well... the waiting game is brutal!
  10. Anyone have any advice or opinions on whether it is worth it to still apply here? I know they are rolling admissions and it is a little late. Seems like some people just got some rejections that seemed qualified as well. I have excellent health care experiences, but my grades and gpa are subpar...
  11. Does anyone know if NAU is rolling admissions or if it is too late to apply to this program? I know the deadline isn't until 9/1, but still...
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