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  1. I chose the first school simply because the hospitals, good PANCE pass rates and cadaver lab. But my boyfriend and I are a little serious. We have been dating two years, but we are both young (I am 21 and he is 22) and he will be starting pharmacy school in the fall about an hour and a half away from the first school. We want to make it work, but realistically we are just trying to get our foot in the door with our careers as well. So I didn't want to make it a deciding factor to stay or not, if it was meant to be it will work.
  2. Undergrad Ed School: Bowling Green State University Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.94 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.99 Age at application time : 21 1st GRE: 155V, 157Q 4.0W Direct Patient Care : approx. 80 at time of application, became a full time resident care associate at an assisted living facility during interview processes. Have about 350 now. Extracurricular/Research Activities: genetics research on parasites, attended bioinformatics workshops for two years, leadership positions in 3 organizations, volunteered as a swim coach for Special Olympics, volunteered for a children'
  3. Are you still able to sit for state boards if they lose their accreditation? And how hard do you think the job search would be if they did lose their accreditation?
  4. Hi! So I got accepted into two programs. One is in my home state, a newer school and I already paid the deposit... Then I found out they were put on probation. The probation is basically for software issues with logging clinical hours and comparing students. Which they fixed. The second school I just found out today I was offered a seat and I have to let them know about tomorrow :/ here is a list of details for each program. School 1 (probation school): -98 percent first time pass rate, 100 percent 2nd time -in downtown Columbus, so rotations at OSU medical center and Nationwide Children
  5. Hi all this is my very first draft of my personal statement. If anyone could give me advice it would be much appreciated. I am looking to send this to a physician I shadowed for her to write me a recommendation letter. Thanks! I lived the early years of my life surrounded by my extended family. I would spend weekends with my Granny and Gramps and eventually lived with them for two years. My granny was my role model, and the epitome of what I hope to achieve in life. I have never met a more selfless, caring, and strong woman to this day. She is the one who taught me how to read and introdu
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